Tuesday, May 31, 2011

luau, farmers market, spam, beach, shave ice, friday...

We went to the obligatory luau.  We just went to the show part of the luau.  Samuel wasn't so interested but during the show I saw him perk up and start pointing at his punch.  A caterpillar was climbing up his drink.  And then that kept him entertained.  If I was ever worried about reaching for a drink in a dark, jungle-y, nature-y place, now I am super worried.  Ew.
 Eva wanted her picture taken with one of the hula dancers.  
 Those cousins again.  Sporting their ti leaf head bands.
Spam. We got Karl's nieces and nephews to eat Spam musubi, a favorite snack on the islands.  Here's the thing about Spam.  It's a "When in Rome" type of thing.  Stuff that you would never consider eating at home, becomes comfortable and even tasty when everyone around you feasting on the stuff.  That is how things like tripe, oxtail, pig ear, jelly fish, etc. have all passed my lips.  People around me eat were eating it and making it look delicious.  And in the situation, it is delicious.  Same goes for Spam.  That square can looks hideous in my home town, but out here, nom nom nom...
 Maximus at the farmers market.

 The kids get excited for the farmers market because they can usually talk us into getting them a coconut and a chocolate frozen banana.  We are suckers.  
 This dude needed to wear protective gear, he had all sorts of gashes on him, I am assuming fro the coconut hacking.  Ew.  We still bought one from him.
My kids got a punch card for the bananas.  For the longest time they thought it meant they get free bananas.  When we would say we weren't buying them a banana they would reply, "But we have a punch card."  It took us about 4 trips for us to explain that it didn't help us to have a punch card.  
 After the farmers market, and a stop at a souvenir shop (and Burns stopped and bought a paring knife so he could cut his fruit at the beach like the goat farm guy), we headed to the beach so their family could get one last bit of beach.  
 Samuel mostly played in the sand under a tree, far away from us.
 Maximus hung out, then took a nap.
 And at Daniel's request, though no one argued, we stopped for some shave ice.
You know when a song is annoying but you can't stop singing because it is so catchy, and then you sing it because it is funny?  Uh, well we do.  The song is Friday and it ended up being kind of our theme song for the visit.  I could pull it up on Youtube on my phone, hook it up to my transmitter thing and then they could hear it in their car, too.  They could also hear anything else we played for them on Pandora or from my ipod.  It was pretty fun.

We never knew who would end up in which van.  Sometimes we would have a car full of little kids, sometimes boys, sometimes girls, sometimes a couple of big a couple of little, sometimes it was whoever would put up with Maximus crying the in the evening, sometimes it was whoever wanted to eat what Karl and I were eating... it was different every time.  I should have taken photos of all the different configurations.

Having visitors made it feel like we were on vacation, too.  So, Burns and Brenda and family, thanks for coming out, and thanks for the vacation.

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