Thursday, June 9, 2011

crafty again... painted onesies

We are back on the mainland (as they/we call it) for the summer.  Already a week has flown by and I am afraid this summer is going to be one of the fastest ever.  We only have two months and these two months are jam packed.  

A while back on a warm night (that was obviously in Kauai since we haven't had any of those here, yet) I went to get baby's pajamas and thought a onesie would be just about right for the temperature.  I totally fell in love with his squishy legs showing and ever since then I have put him in just a onesie as much as the weather will allow.  

And since I just can't seem to let things be, I followed this handy dandy tutorial by Simply Modern Mom and decorated his little t-shirt.  He was actually lucky to get these.  What usually happens is that I make things for other people and then run out of steam to make stuff for my own kids.  
My friend just had a baby named Max so I made one with Max just like this one.  I felt bad for my Max so I made him one, too.  

Now, I think my favorite outfit for the little guy is a just a simple onesie.  I get to see his squishy yummy legs, I can be creative without being committal (it's just a matter of weeks before they grow out of it or stain it), and if you see him in one that means that the weather is just perfect.


Adri said...

Love it... so cute!

Abbigail said...

adorable. I love him I can't wait to see him in a month.

Lindsay said...

I love little Luke in his onesies too. I just want to eat him and his chubby little legs. :) He is going to live in them this's so darn hot here. It's really all they need. Those photos are darling!


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