Monday, April 25, 2011

to my heart

The posed, matchy, happy photos.  Yes, I love them.  My eye are always drawn towards them.  But my heart?  My heart likes the candid shots.  The ones that remind me how our life really is.  

Like this one.  Reminds me how I had big plans for the kids' day off of school.  A playgroup to do Easter eggs, lunch at the beach... but Eva woke up with a fever so this is what they did all day.  
This one Maximus was super hungry (which is the case ever 120 minutes, I need to do something about that).  He doesn't usually complain much so when he is hungry or tired it is pretty easy to tell.  We could all learn a lesson from that :).  So, nice Auntie was trying to help Maximus find some eggs and he was so sad.  I love that sad face.
And this one will help me remember the day that we went to the easter egg hunt and before they let the kids find the eggs, they had a show.  It had puppets, some hip hop, a play... all about Jesus.  Then someone came out and asked who wanted to be born again.  All the kids stepped forward, including mine.  
At the same event, after my kids got saved, they let them find eggs.  My friend, Ani, snapped a family photo for me.  Samuel is checking out his stash and gets inside his bag to do it.   One day, he just might get all mature and actually look at a camera without me threatening to take a toy or candy away if he doesn't.  But, for now, this one shows the real us.  Oh, and I just realized he isn't wearing shoes.  Now, I am wondering if he wore shoes at all at this event.  We are adjusting to HI just fine, aren't we?
And this one.  This is a meal that KARL made.  Okay, the ugly deviled eggs are my fault, but everything else Karl did.  Honey baked ham, herb roasted potatoes, spinich salad with candied macadamia nuts (he candied them).  I told him I was sad and was missing my family, and maybe we should move back.  I went and delivered some easter treats, came back and this was all in the works.  Later, he said he thought I was going to cry so he wanted to do something.  It totally worked.  The fancy food seriously cheered me up.  Or more that he thought to do this.  Good food and acts of kindness are totally the way to my heart.  And it looks like we will be staying in Kauai a while longer.
Matchy matchy easter outfits and posed photos coming soon...


Becca said...

hiii, hii, I saw your comment on my blog, can I blogstalk you too? f'real though we should try and get together in person. And stand there in awkward mutual adoration. Sound good? Ready, go! --Becca

Abbigail said...

So sweet of Karl. I am glad he treated you special. It can be hard being away during holidays. I regularly decide that we should move closer to family and throw my forest life away.
The bunk bed turned out cute. And so is little Max. Harry wants to eat constantly too. He doesn't get sad though, just starts grunting and yelling. so funny.
miss you.

pamela said...

what a fantastic husband!!

Amy said...

That is the saddest sad face I have ever seen! Those kids are so cute. And, Karl - way to be husband of the year! That meal looks so fabulous. I love that we are doing green smoothies together. I posted our current favorite (hard to know the measurements since we just throw it all in). I would love to hear your recipes too. And, any other healthy meals your family is doing.

Melissa and Lance Atkins said...

Oh gosh. This one made me laugh out loud too. I love how your kids got saved.


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