Friday, April 22, 2011

stalking you, stalking me, you're a fan

I wanted to fix one of the settings on the blog and so I started clicking around.  Stumbled across one of the things that lets you know how many times a page has been viewed and what not.  "Wow," I thought, "A lot of people are interested in my family snowboarding."  Like, over 1400 people.  After clicking around I figured out that most of the people that have viewed my blog are SERIOUS David Archuleta fans and were linking from his fan sites.  All gushing over the photo of him and Eva.  Someone even went as far as to make the photo of little Eva and David Archuleta her screen saver because the photo makes her happy.  That's okay with me, photos of Eva make me happy, too.  And I can't help but figure that David Archuleta fans have got to be the most harmless people out there, if anything, just a bit motherly (looks like my photo caused some scolding to him via twitter for not wearing a helmet.  Sorry David).  

So, there you have it.  My blog is a hit (among David Archuleta fans).

Here's a little experiment.  
Let's see if this awesome photo of Karl and Pierce Brosnan gets any attention:
I mean, he and Karl look they are practically BFFs eating lunch together, right?  That with my awesome iphone caption skills, I am pretty sure any true Pierce Brosnan fan would want this as a screen saver.  But I'm kind of thinking his fans probably aren't as sweet as David's.  

And since I'm on the subject of being a fan.  I am a fan of that huge Ahi Wrap from the Kilauea Fish Market that Samuel is holding.  It was so good.  I didn't get a good photo of it (gasp! I am really letting my inner self go) but any photo wouldn't even do this wrap justice.  Even if I wasn't on an island where food is mostly kind of, meh, this wrap would still be delicious.  Just ask Samuel, he ate practically  the whole thing.  Eva is eating the burrito, it was about half as good.

So, I'm thinking this photo of the Ahi wrap might generate the most action.  It was that good.
Looks like I will never fix my blog.  Too easily distracted.  
*Oh, and this is also a little lesson on not putting stuff on line that I don't want spread around, right?

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Melissa and Lance Atkins said...

Is that really Pierce Brosman? How did you get so close to him?


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