Sunday, January 9, 2011

the family (minus maximus): snowboarding

Karl has been taking the kids up snowboarding and I finally joined them.  The last time I went was about a year ago and I didn't know that I was pregnant yet.  Whoops.  I have been dying to see the progress that they have made.  

New Years Eve, I wake up and Karl says, "Let's go snowboarding."  By the time Karl finishes work, we all get dressed, the baby fed, the boards, gear and everything ready, it is already 2:30.  So we decide we to do night skiing.  We get to the place where we get discount lift tickets to find out that they don't have night skiing on New Years Eve.  Boo.  So we went to a park with a big hill and made the best of it.  

But yesterday, we actually made it up the ski resort.  And it was open.  What an accomplishment.  Seriously.

This is actually where Karl and I met for the first time.  I never ever would have thought that one day we would be bringing our kids here.

I tried to take videos and my snowboarding skills aren't good enough that I can move and video at the same time.  Karl shot these after it got dark.  So, even though it is hard to see in places, it is still fun for me to watch.  The video is 2 min and 30 seconds (which for me is long because I have about a 30 second attention span).  The first part is Eva and then Samuel starts at about 1 min and 50 seconds.  
Both of them are most comfortable riding their heel edges.  We took them over to the bunny heel to practice their toe edges and this is how Samuel handled it:
It was making me laugh so hard.  He would bend over and look through his legs to see where he was going.

Karl and I were getting so tired but our kids had so much energy.  We got off the lift and before we knew it, Samuel and Eva are climbing in the snow.  With their snowboards hooked on and all.
Riding with Eva and Samuel was seriously so much fun.  They look so tiny on the hill and it seems like people are always yelling down at Samuel from the lifts about being a little guy.  I had a hard time keeping up with Samuel and Eva and I were just perfect for each other.  

Oh, and it also happened to be Eva's lucky day.  We were getting on the lifts and look who we saw:
David Archuleta, who happens to be Eva's crush.  On the way up Eva said, "I just had one of those things happen, you know, the thing that you wanted your whole life."  I said, "Your dream come true?"  She said her dream had come true to see David Archuleta in real life.  So, when we got to the top we waited for him, he boarded past us, Karl stopped him and he was so nice and let us take a picture.   

On the way home Eva whispered, "Mom, it's not every day that you get to see the person of your dreams."  She is right.  What a charmed life she lives.  And, well, as parents it seems like we are happy to go out of our way to make all of our kids wildest dreams come true.


Kathryn said...

Great snowboarding. They are pretty good! This is something you might miss living in Hawaii. It is very exciting to see Eva with David Archuletta!

Adri said...

It's not every day you get to see the person of your dreams.. that's for sure. She is one lucky little girl. By the way, my girls are sitting here saying "That's not fair". Hehehe
Looks like a blast.

Abbigail said...

They are great snowboarders. Cool that they have learned while you lived close to mountains. Freya does not want to try skiing when we come to visit. She is scared. Maybe if she watches your kids she will want to try.
It is so cute how excited Eva was to meet him.

Emily said...

Okay. Your kids are way too cool for me.

How fun to go as a family - so so awesome. I tried snowboarding once - pain pain pain. I think I'll just stick with skiing (that is if we ever move to the mountains again.)

loved the videos.

Eva does live a charmed life - David Archuleta? it seriously doesn't get any dreamier.

Jung said...

Was he good at snowboarding?
man I really want to see him to snowboard!!

Jamie said...

Aaaah so cute! And I love how nice DA was to pose for you guys. Makes you love him even more. I guess you guys have to take in as much snow as you can before you give it up for the sun, surf, and paradise :)

Shay said...

Wondering if Jennette McCurdy was there with him . .she went on the same day . . smae place . . ironic, I think not:) Lol, I love David though and your daughter is one lucky girl.


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