Sunday, January 2, 2011

starting off the new year

Be more patient with my family, clean more, spend more one on one time with the kids...
I had some great ideas. Then I got out of bed.

I was already bugged that everything that I was cleaning up was not mine. I fell asleep on the couch while holding Maximus (I don't regret that part) for longer than I should have. The kids fended for themselves which translates into getting all their toys out and moving them to random spots in the house. Basically everything that I resolved to do, went to pot.

And the worst part? The very very worst part of my first day of 2011?
See this sweet kid?
His fingernails were getting a little long and it makes me so sad to see those little scratches on baby faces. I bet where you can guess where this story is going.

This trusting little boy. Sigh.

And look what I did. I cringe as I type. I was so flustered. It bled. I had to cut a bandaid in half, his hands are still so tiny. Add to that being all flustered and then my kids want to hold him and instead of helping husband is taking pictures. I was a mess.

I think I may have lost my job as the nail trimmer in this family.

But look, he is still a happy kid, modeling his wound.
The day wasn't all bad. It's just that my resolutions only lasted for about 7 minutes. But that's okay. Lot's of great things happened too. I had an amazing meal with my family. And Maximus slept through the whole thing (maybe because he was exhausted from crying after having his finger clipped).

And from the look of this picture. It looks like he has forgiven me.
Happy 1-1-11! It's all up from here.
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Malea said...

The only thing you need to resolve to do is stay the way you are. Thank you for gracing the world with your cute little Max. He is perfect.

Adri said...

I did that same thing to Evelyn... is was so traumatic for me that I never clipped Lydia's nails... I made Audrey do it. I did clip Jakes but I was so nervous every time. He looks to be fine it's always worse for mom then for baby. Hang in there!

Alyse said...

Just look at that. Everything you make is cute.

Lindsay said...

What a sweet little face! And I did that to Emily when she was a newborn, I'm still sad about it.

Mike said...

I decided this year that I need to think of my "resolutions" as goals so I don't set myself up for failure. There is no way anyone can be perfect with their resolutions from day one unless they set the bar really low. If you see them as goals then you will have motivation to keep working on it. Good luck!
Kristy Freeman
PS Glad to hear you're enjoying Kauai


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