Monday, December 27, 2010

sweet faces in december

This day started a little early for us.  We didn't quite make it to the 9:00 start time. 
But we did make it in time for the magician, who called Eva up on the stage.  And that look on Eva's face?  The magician said, "Pretend like you are excited!"  But she was.  That is as crazy as she gets.  Not shown: Samuel's face as he is rolling on the floor laughing at the magicians silly jokes.
Santa was there, too.  That look on Samuel's face?  He is excited, too.  Totally excited to see Santa and tell him that he wanted a remote control helicopter and a remote control "triantula." But he is in the stage where when there is a camera, he suddenly is unable to smile.  
 That look on Maximus' face?  Another one of  those that make me want to kiss the computer screen.  Looks like he liked Santa.  
 That look on my dad's face?  The one where he is adoring his littlest grandson?  This photo makes my day.
 And from the look on his face, it looks like his grandson adores him back.
 Can't quite see their faces but the two snowboarders are Eva and Samuel.  Eva is technically better and Samuel can go fast.  Surprise surprise.  I stayed home with the baby while Karl took them up.  I want to see them on the hill so bad.  
I look at these photos and I can't help but get sad that these faces will inevitably change.  The kids will mature, the baby will no longer be a baby, and sad to say, my dad will get older.  But I have these photos to help me remember these days and I am happy about that.    


Jamie said...

I feel the same way when I look at pictures. I love all of yours. Your baby could not be any cuter!

pamela said...

darling darling babies! even though there is technically only one baby. moments seem more precious the older we get, right?

Abbigail said...

beautiful children and lovely photos. The ones of your Dad and Maximus are precious.
I cannot wait to see him and kiss his little face. My little baby is not so little anymore.

Adri said...

Great pictures and I know that feeling... I think about that all the time. I wish we could just freeze time.

Alyse said...

mini snowboarders! cutest thing ever.

Kari said...

Your kids are so cute! And Max is precious! Thanks again for the bed, it's great! I owe you...

Malea said...

I'm having issues with trying to imagine my little hippie (cause I knew you when you were...all Utah State people are), snow boarding loving; Aggie friend in only the sand and sun. I feel like snow and Christina are synonymous.


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