Friday, January 21, 2011

...then I will relax

Long ago, husband was in school.  I thought, I will work now, then have a baby and then I will relax.
Baby came, and I thought, when husband is done with school and we have a house, I will relax.
Husband finished school, we bought a house, and I thought, when this house is remodeled, I will relax.
This was our mud room.  I loved that mud room. It was my favorite part of the house.
This was our kitchen.  It was a great kitchen.  Open, clean, heated floors for those cold winters...  It was my second favorite part of the house.  
Six years passed, house wasn't done, I was sick of the house, and I thought, when we sell this house, I will relax.
House sold (in 10 days), thought Hawaii sounded like a fun place to live, decided to move in with my parents until baby was old enough to travel, and I thought, once we get moved, and I have baby #3, I will relax.

Moved in with my parents, had the baby, relaxed for about a week and then thought, once I get packed to move to Kauai, I will relax.
This is all of our stuff.  We are vagabonds.  A guy was laughing at all our stuff.  He thought we were on vacation.  Then we told him we were moving here.  Then he said we didn't have very much stuff. 
Packed our stuff, said some super sad goodbyes, put everything we needed into 9 suitcases, hopped on the plane (Maximus rode in my arms and was an angel so I did relax for a minute), and thought, once we get there, I will relax.
Got to our resort, unpacked a little, went to the pool, and thought, once we have a permanent place to live and buy a car and put the kids in school and have furniture and all the other stuff that goes in a house, I will relax.

This is Saimin, a Hawaiian noodle dish.  It's a fusion of all the Asian cultures and was our first meal here.  Kauai isn't known for the food, I hope I survive.  
And so, I realize, I may never relax.  And maybe the sooner I realize and accept that, the better off I will be. I think that is because when I have the choice between comfort and adventure, I choose adventure.  When I have the choice of buying it or making it, I like to make.  Some days I think it keeps me young.  Some days I think it ages me exponentially.  Some days I think my kids are better for it.  Some days I think I need to start saving up for all the therapy they are going to need from having adventurous (aka chaotic) parents.  And so, you see, I still haven't relaxed.  


Adri said...

I think your kids are going to experience so much because of you. They are so lucky to have these adventures. I don't think as parents we ever relax... it's just part of the deal. Can't wait to see more pictures of Hawaii!

Amy said...

Wow!!! What an adventure! You guys are awesome. I can't wait to read all of the stories.

Abbigail said...

I am waiting to relax too. Seems like anytime I start to relax I go stir crazy and bored. I am on a break from my studio hoping to relax and enjoy my baby before he is a boy.
I wouldn't mind trying to relax in Hawaii with you. Miss you guys.

pamela said...

i keep saying "life will get back to normal when....". and it never does.

**but anyway, i'd love to hear more about the move! the whys! the hows! the adventures!

sounds like a great way to live, at least to me!

Emily said...

you guys rock. that's all I have to say. And your kids will be better off for it too.

Nate and I still remember your air mattresses in Chicago and the bed that Karl just up and built himself with a ban-saw in your apartment. We still wish we could be as cool as you.

What a fun place to move! I want to know more. more. more.

Courtney said...

I agree with Adri- relax and parenthood don't go in the same sentence- at least not in my world. Hoping to hear more from you... Love from the mainland


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