Thursday, October 7, 2010

breakfast tradition

We've done it twice so now I can say it is a tradition. One of the downsides of leaving our neighborhood is that we can't do carpool to school anymore. One of the upsides is that we can do things like go to breakfast.

I am not a morning person or a breakfast person at all but it has been fun to go as a family and the morning struggle with the kids is cut down quite a bit.

Today was Bakers de Normandy. I have fond memories of that place. Old memories of my mom bribing me as a 2nd grader to go to piano lessons with a pastry from here and recent memories of kidless meals (a big deal these days) here with friends. Turns out they don't serve hot breakfast until 8 so we got pastries and hot chocolate. They have great pastries but nothing like sending the kids off to school tanked up on sugar. I'll have to research better to make sure we can get a full breakfast the next place we go.

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Abbigail said...

looks delish. Fun way to energize your commute.


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