Wednesday, October 6, 2010

remembering cinque terre

I should have recorded this a long time ago.  I can't remember much except that this was my favorite part of the whole trip.
So happy with my gelato and what I thought was a big belly then.  Someone should have told me to take the sweatshirt off my non-waste.
 It is a fad for couples to put hang a lock together.  This was some walk of love so there were a ton of them.
 I really liked this plant.
 While Karl hiked, I sat.  Once again, a lady came and sat with me.  Through charades and Italian, she kept telling me how excited she was about my baby.  Instead of trying to kill it with her cigarette smoke.  She was my friend.
 Just beautiful.

Il Pirata, the cafe by our hotel.  We aren't the type to go to the same place over the and over but this place was so good we wanted to try everything.  We practically had dessert after breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I have never had pastries like these.  It is run by twin brothers.  They were a comedy show.  One told Karl he needed to shave.  Said he would look 10 years younger.   
 The food here was amazing.  Some days we ate extra meals just because we wanted to try so much.  These pictures make me happy.  And hungry.


Malea said...

All of the words and photo's remind me of why you are the most wonderful, beautiful person. I love the photo with you and the woman. I can hear you speaking with her, and her understanding your heart enough to know you were worth the language barrier in order to enjoy your company.

Adri said...

I think your belly is sooo cute! Love the picture with you and the little lady on the bench. You are such an amazing person.


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