Thursday, October 14, 2010

breakfast club: ruth's diner

We took advantage of the kids having no school today and went up Immigration Canyon to Ruth's diner. We braved the chill and ate on the heated patio.
When they sat us our waitress brought out Mile High Biscuits.  The size of a baby's head, these things would be a full meal.  For normal people. So we ordered (huge) hot chocolates, eggs benedict, eggs florentine, and cinnamon roll french toast. The only thing we didn't love was the French Toast. Too sweet for even the kids. Samuel was actually happiest with his orange slice and grapefruit half.
Snapped a few pictures in front of fall leaves and headed home.
With all that super heavy food, I am so glad I have time for a nap.  Still not a morning person...

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Abbigail said...

I love Ruths diner. I haven't been there since college and I have since forgotten about it until now. What a great place to go. The food sounds super yummy.


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