Wednesday, September 8, 2010

lunch: fried rice

This is a morning I must have felt ambitious. I actually cooked something. The bonus was that I made enough for dinner.
-fried brown rice (with bacon, chicken, eggs, carrots, red peppers, fresh corn, and zucchini- if I chop it up small, I can put almost anything in there)
-watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries
-a fruit roll up (the box says it is 99% fruit or something like that. They are a lot stickier than the sugar kind)

Samuel ate it all. Eva wouldn't eat the strawberries. She thought they were too sour.

Yesterday Samuel told me his teacher said he could have hot lunch AND cold lunch. The kid wants two lunches and is trying to trick me. He said he is so hungry. That kid eats more than a lot of adults I know. I also know that he is eating other kids' food. Then I have Eva who says I pack her too much. Still figuring out the best way to feed these kids...


Malea said...

That's totally awesome, Christina. Who get's healthy fried rice for school lunch these days? Um, your kids do. Incredible. Where did you get those very fun lunch boxes?

Adri said...

Yummy!!! At our school the kids aren't allowed to share lunches because of food allergies... I guess!

pamela said...

genius! fried rice. what a great idea. keep these posts coming, we all need ideas.

Cydnee said...

Wow, a child of yours likes to eat. SHOCKER!!! Yum, I wish you packed lunch for me.


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