Thursday, September 2, 2010

lunch: competing with hot lunch

After the first day of school, Samuel asked if he could have hot lunch. We checked out the menu: a BBQ pork sandwich (on white bread of course), a bag of chips, and half a nectarine. A sandwich with questionable nutrition left the only guarantee for nutrition in that half a nectarine, which they may or may not eat. So I suggested that they have it on Wednesday, salad buffet day. Even though I live in a state where salad can contain things like jello, cool whip, cookies, etc, I figured it was the best pick of the week. They were okay with that.
The menu:
-turkey rolls (this time with cucumber and lettuce. Eva requested the cucumber)
-tortilla chips (I am okay with chips that are made of just corn, oil, and salt) and hummus
-strawberries and cantaloupe for Eva (not a cherry fan) and cherries (not a cantaloupe fan) for Samuel
-zucchini bread (my friend was over for dinner the night before and brought it for dessert)

I got to eat lunch with them. It was fun to see how they interact with the other kids and how they eat their lunch. Samuel did not get up once during his meal. I don't know if it is the bench, the other kids, or what, but he sat until he was done. Amazing. Along with his own lunch he had some goldfish crackers, chili cheese fritos, and even offered Eva a rice krispie treat that the kid next to him brought. Apparently this is all with permission from these boys. But I also know that Samuel doesn't take no for an answer.
I noticed a couple of kids with those small cans of soda. Seems to me that kindergarten is kind of early to start the soda habit.


Michelle said...

It is super fun seeing your kids at lunch time. I've gone a few time and I'm so annoyed at the time (or lack of time) they give the kids to eat. It's not enough time in my opinion. Hopefully your school is better.

pamela said...

way to go, your lunches are looking amazing!

Adri said...

I wish my kids would eat healthier! They don't really like hot lunch a ton but I wouldn't say my cold lunch is that much healthier. Where did you get the containers again???


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