Monday, September 13, 2010

the electricians

Over the years we have had many people come work on our house. Today, the electricians came to fill the requests of the people buying our house.
The kids were fascinated. Some guys seem to handle Samuel's company, constant questions and comments better than others.
Today, they heard:
-"Why do you talk like a cowboy?"
-"Where is Horsey?" The guys name is Horst.
-"That is so cool! That is so freakin' cool!" over and over as one guy was cutting the wall.
-"My boobie has electricity. Why does my boobie have electricity?" as he rubbed the electrician's voltage finding tool across his chest.
The bishop's wife kindly came and helped me pack today. She said the boys do all these crazy things when they are young and then they grow up to be normal adults. And then you forget all the stuff they did when they were young until THEY start having kids and THEIR kids start doing the same crazy things. Suddenly I am excited to be a grandma. And maybe this blog won't be available when Samuel is trig to find a wife...


Adri said...

I must have missed the post when you said you sold your house! Samuel is so funny... I am sitting here laughing at his little comments. What a cute little guy!

Lindsay said...

I can't believe you are moving so soon, Christina! That is so exciting. I hope all goes smoothly for you guys...I can't wait to hear wear you end up. :)


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