Thursday, September 23, 2010

lunch: chicken teriyaki

Living with my parents is like kins of like having two little Japanese elves
that quietly help out. It's awesome. I feel bad that we have filled their house to the brim full of our junk/ prized possessions but they are good sports about it.

Karl texted me: Your mom is a good cook.
And then he must have been worried i would think that meant as opposed to me because it was quickly followed by: So are you. But you are busy.

I thought it was funny.

The menu:
Chicken teriyaki and rice
Apples and grapes
Nori (Eva requested it. Samuel's teacher was sitting by him at lunch and she helped him explain to the other kids what it was)
Banana bread for Eva
Snap pea crisps for Samuel

Nothing came home uneaten. You just never know what will go over. Sometimes I throw it in while wondering if they will eat it or not.


Adri said...

Okay seriously Christina... I need to have a cold school lunch packed by you and your mom! Everytime you post lunch I can't wait to see what yummy food your kids are getting. Then I feel like the worst mom because Lydia gets a PB & J everyday (mostly cause she wont eat anything else). I really need to get creative with my kids.

Adri said...

Hey, does Courtney still have her bento boxes... I would be interested in buying them from her. Let me know Thanks! You can email me

Abbigail said...

yummy! that text was so funny.

Malea said...

Where did you get your lunch boxes?! Food looks like it tastes better in them.


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