Wednesday, September 22, 2010

lunch: living with my mom= great food

Growing up, I wouldn't have thought of taking a lunch beyond a sandwich (probably with Buddig beef), a baggie of chips, carrot sticks (before mini carrots came out) or apple slices (I remember being thrilled when my mom would cut them into bunnies), fruit snacks (those didn't come out until I was in fifth grade!) and a Hi-C or Minute Maid juice box.

Yes, I have a great memory when it comes to food.

But mostly I had hot lunch. My mom worked full time.

Things sure have changed. And food wise, my kids are not embarrassed at all to take something beyond a sandwich. I love.

Today's Menu:
Koroke (Japanese croquettes)
Sliced cabbage
Sauce for the koroke and cabbage
Two onigiri (rice balls) piggy shaped
Cucumbers and peaches
Banana bread

My mom made the koroke the night before for dinner. My sister made the banana bread.

One kid left the peaches. One kid left cucumbers.

***lot's of people have asked about my containers. Lately, I have been using this one the most. Might have to do with the fact that the others are packed. These are called Laptop Lunch Bento Box. I got mine on but if you google it they will come up on sights like To me, they seem pretty pricey but I justify it by considering that school lunch costs $2 (I bet this lunch cost less than a dollar) or that I'm reusing this over and over it doesn't seem so bad. And the fact that my kids health and my peace of mind are super high on my priority list, the splurge is totally worth it. ***


Sherri said...

I have the Laptop Lunch box kit! Love it! Sooo worth the money to get our kiddos to eat healthier than what schools serve in the cafeterias...

pamela said...

you're amazing! i need to branch out. i mean, your lunches never look boring!


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