Wednesday, September 29, 2010

remembering bologna

Once upon a time I used to blog with my computer about things besides lunch.
I have this mental reward system that I get to blog when I finish my to-do list.  Well, uh, the way I am feeling right now, I won't be blogging for about 2 years.  

So, bag my system, ignore the giant boxes waiting to be unpacked, it is time to get some stuff recorded before they slip my mind completely. 

We got a little restless in Florence after 3 days (us?  restless?).  So we decided to go to Venice.  Since most people plan ahead when they do stuff like that, all the train tickets were sold.  And it was pouring rain.  Pressing on with our impulse, we decided to rent another car. After a few different car rental companies we finally found a car.  A smart car.  As in, a tiny car without shocks or a reclining seat for the passenger for morons that don't plan ahead.  It was hilarious.  And bumpy and loud.  
 We stopped in Bologna on the way.  
I was excited to have some authentic Bolognese sauce.
 But we pulled up not knowing where to go for some great sauce.  We just found a cafe and hoped for the best.  This lady and I kind of raced for this table.  I totally got there first.  But she didn't care.  She just sat down with me.  And then lit up.  I pointed to my pregnant belly and she graciously did about a quarter turn and continued puffing away.  At MY table.  Karl came out, thought it was funny and snapped a picture.  Then we went and found a seat inside.  
Bologna was not a food success for me.  The lasagna bolognese came from a big pan in the deli case.  They scooped it up and warmed it in the microwave and brought it to us.  It was kind of cold and kind of a lot disappointing.  

We finished and moved on.  On the way out we stopped at another little cafe.  Karl ordered another lasagna bolognese.  This time to go.  He came out chuckling.  It was a frozen lasagna!  So much for our quest for lovely bolognese.  I got a few looks while ate my freezer meal (in Italy!) standing there Karl grabbed another gelato.  Crema de Grom makes everything better.

Next stop:  Venice.


Abbigail said...

OH NO! Bologna and bad food?!?!?!?!?! That is insane. Seems like I remember a text late at night from Karl to Ryan about where to eat. Must not have pulled through on that one.
I have heard that they have an amazing cooking school there and I have visited a spectacular Morandi museum that you would like. We must plan another trip.
I love that you went all the way to venice on a whim. Worth it though, Venice is surreal.
Miss you guys!

Lindsay said...

yay for another Italy post!!
You guys are funny. :)

(I totally thought it was going to be another foodie post about the evils of balogna...remember balogna? It seems like people ate it a lot more back in the 80's.)


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