Monday, August 2, 2010

so much to do

I still have Italy on my mind, though I am afraid the longer I wait to post, the less I will remember. 
And healthy food.  Even though I have had some serious sweets cravings lately, I still know what it good for me and do my best to eat it.  
And the summer events of my kids.  Because they appreciate the things I record.
And the summer events without my kids.  Because I know that kidless times will soon become a very rare event.
And questions about what baby stuff to buy or try to borrow.  Things sure have changed in six years.

But we have been getting our house ready to put on the market.  Like, it is happening tomorrow. We decided five days ago.  That is how we do things.  It is a tradition of ours to pack up and move every time I am about to have a baby.  And this is the part where I envy people that don't love stuff.  But I do love stuff.

And right now I am a lot a bit nervous because the photo people are coming in about eight hours and it seems like my house is never going to look ready and my craft room is looking more like a crap room because I am in the middle of sixty two projects and I have saved the biggest mess for last  and husband got stung by a wasp today and took Benedryl and has been out cold (which is normal for most people at this time of night but not us) and I am not supposed to lift heavy stuff but I keep doing it and feel guilt (and pain) every time I do.

I will be so glad when tomorrow is over.  This afternoon I was sitting on the floor putting Eva's too small clothes in a bin and I don't even remember putting my head down but I just found myself waking up.  I was face down on the pile of clothes, drool and all.  I gave up at that point and moved to the bed.  But now I am regretting it.  

There you have it, a very long post explaining why I am not posting.


pamela said...

whoa! good luck with all that. i totally have sympathy for you! i can't wait to hear about your move!

Michelle said...

WHAT? Please tell me you are moving to the bay area???
I totally hear ya with the 60 something projects going on. Why can't I just do one, finish, start another. Why? You are lucky to have a crap room though. My projects are draped around in almost every room of the house. Hidden in corners, hoping the kids don't get interested and "help" with them.

Love ya! Good job eating well for that baby...and you.


Adri said...

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate... I don't blame you for falling asleep folding clothes. You need to remember to take it easy. Hang in there!

Abbigail said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! And I was feeling overwhelmed packing for our long vacation.
Prepping a house for sale is exhausting and stressful for anyone. But being pregnant on top of all that?!?!? Oh man!!!!! You need to call on your family and friends to come help. And you need to put your feet up and get some rest. I was always overdoing it while pregnant and coughing, then I paid for it with a week in the hospital.
Reschedule what u can and give yourself more time.
Wish I was there to help. I am on my way. :)

Liz O. said...

Aaack! Do you know where you are going to move to? We want to be your neighbors, and would move tomorrow if it meant we could be close!
Best of luck with selling!


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