Tuesday, August 3, 2010

11 years

In keeping with blog tradition...

11 things I have learned in the last 11 years:

1- People watch PBS at night on purpose.  
2- People can sleep while in the tub for hours at a time.  Hours. 
3- 11 years is enough to move 14 times.  And almost 15.
4- People can actually forget to eat.
5- Facial hair can provide oneself and one's cousins and uncles more entertainment than ever imagined.
6- Traits like being oblivious to the world when the TV is on, loving matches (or anything else off limits for that matter), and being a total adrenaline junkie can be passed on to your children.
7- Traits that are endearing enough to marry, may get passed on to your kids and those same traits are a lot harder to mother than to marry.
8- Just because it may take someone almost a year to read a non-fiction book, doesn't mean that it is a lame book.  
9- An guy can be an attorney for six years, work hard, still drive a car that has (or had at one point or another) a leaky windshield, leaky tires, heater that only works when it is raining, clogged windshield fluid squirty thingies, window held up hangers so taking the card to enter the parking garage every morning for work had to be done by opening the whole door, dented front, something that makes it so you're not supposed to accelerate when you turn, a battery that won't keep a charge, leaky oil, and (currently) no air conditioning, 200,000 miles and not really care.  
10- The name Karl/Carl, though not used so much in real life, is very popular in the movie and TV world.  Especially for those with smaller roles.  
11-  When you are about to marry a guy and his mom says, "There will never be a dull moment with Karl."  Take this very very very seriously.

Happy 11th anniversary, Karl.
Man, we're old.


Abbigail said...

You two are the best and are so awesome.
Good work making it through those 14 moves and still be ready for 15. Insane.
I can attest to some of those same things you have learned in my ten years of marriage to his brother.
Especially #4 and #5.
What about noting the photos that one takes of themselves with various facial hair combinations. I love that. So funny.
love to you both.

marilynl said...

Boy does that sound like Karl. You guys are great and we love both of you. (still wondering about all that facial hair, though)

pamela said...

14 moves!! and you're still married? talk about stress!

congratulations on 11 years.

Anne and Michael Whyte said...

Wow, it's been 11 years, huh? Congrats!! I love my brother, but those Israelsen men are too hairy for my taste.

Now, about this move. What?!

Kari said...

Love it!

Janine said...

Congrats to you.

PS: Karl's car makes Nick feel better about his car.

Kami said...

D.J. answered this question today: "If you have children when you grow up, what would you like to name them?" He said: Karl. :) Happy Anniversary!


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