Monday, August 23, 2010

candid family photo and our update

I am posting this from my phone. Many a posts are getting neglected and my memories are sadly fading but in an effort to also stay in the now, maybe some phone posts will make me feel less lost...

These are my kids. All three of them fighting for a spot on my slowly disappearing lap.
Along with balancing my three kids, I feel I am balancing several lives in one. No hardships, we are choosing these things. We'll call them adventures. Adventures that cause me stress and make my eyes water and make me want to whine. But they keep life exciting.
-Our house is under contract. It took less than two weeks and while we are extremely pleased we still have to wait on inspection and appraisal. We'll know in a couple weeks.
-In the typical us fashion, we failed to plan out step two our plans of moving... the part where you know where you are going next. Good thing my parents are nice enough to let us crash at their place (and age them at a rapid rate) while we are busy being impulsive.
-In all this craziness, the baby is still on the way. Just 10 more weeks (or 9 weeks if he is like Samuel or 7 weeks if he is like Eva!). I would rather be making baby blankets and shopping for a car seat and getting a cozy little room ready than packing but, well, I guess I should have thought about that before, huh?
-Right now we are thinking it might be fun to live in Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii. Tomorrow, we might change our minds and decide we just want to live in another part of our city. But today, and for the last couple of weeks we have wanted to live in Hawaii. Our problem is that we say this like it is no big deal and then we stress everyone out, especially all the grandmas involved.

I want to be bored.

Anyone know anything about living in Hawaii? Uh, because we don't. Just kidding. We know a little. We already know it is expensive. We understand that part. We have contacted a few friends and friends of friends and they all love it. We don't know where we will go. It doesn't help that everyone we talk to loves where they are. There doesn't seem to be a "best" place. Any info is welcome.


Jamie said...

WOW that is awesome that your house sold that quick!!!! But ya I would say that is stress!!! Here is my two cents: After living in CO and OK, we have loved bonding as a family and having new adventures, but there is NOTHING like having family close by. Plus you seriously end up spending ALL your vacations visiting family and don't get to go anywhere fun. It gets old real fast. I say stay in wonderful Utah and visit Hawaii as often as you wish :)

Abbigail said...

Exciting, busy, and stressful times ahead.
I agree with Jamie that you do spend all your vacations visiting family when you live away. You already know that.
My two cents: if your life is flexible enough to move to an exotic locale then go for it. You only live once so you should enjoy it. You don't want to regret that you never tried what you were dreaming of.
The times I have lived far away in a dreamy place are some of the best months of my life.


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