Monday, August 23, 2010

lunch: first day of school

Need lunch ideas? I do. We seemed to have picked up from where we left off last year...
Eva kind of chose the menu:
Turkey sandwich (she got sliced chicken because that is what was on sale, she'll never know. Deli meat with no added nitrites costs more so if I can find something on sale, I get it)
Cantaloupe (in an effort to make all that healthy food special, I used a cookie cutter and cut them into hearts)
Kiwi (whoops I forgot that)
Carrot and cucumber slices
Ranch or hummus (forgot that, too. The veggies may come home uneaten)
Something chocolatey (went with a dark chocolate Graham cracker- not exactly healthy but better than the dunford donuts we had last night :))
Drink (I like Motts for Tots because the are diluted with water. My kids like them most of the time)


Adri said...

I hate school lunches this year. Lydia is so picky and it's hard to find things for her to eat at school. Good luck today! I may have to steal some of your lunch ideas... maybe then she will eat.

Michelle said...

I feel like we are kindred spirits because today Ella and Abram's lunches were the exact same thing, but

1. The cucumbers and carrots weren't cut as cute as yours.

2. The fruit was watermelon and canteloupe minus the heart shapes (so cute).

3. The deli sandwich was ham, and yes contained nitrites.

4. And the grand finale...... 2 oreos (chocolate).

I love your container. My favorite is one we have had since Ella started Kindergarten. Check it out: The kids totally feel cool because they have a "laptop" lunch box. I love them because they are eco-friendly and have the perfect portion sizes, plus they're really cute. The price is kind of steep, but totally worth it for how long they last. We use them year after year.


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