Friday, July 23, 2010

san gimignano, volterra, monteriggianni, and sienna

We rented a car and took a day trip to the four different towns.  
Oh, the views...

And the food...
If, by chance, someone wonders why I am constantly taking photos of my food it is because it makes me happy.  That pile of pasta on the top left, they call it poci.  I look at that picture and it brings back some delicious food memories.  Aside from people memories, food memories are my favorite. I look at that picture and remember the simple sauce with the house made pasta with the crunch of the bread crumbs and I love it.  It affects how I cook, too.  I remember the creativity of the chefs and pretend like I can do that, too.  San gimignano was good to me.  And if I ever go back, I will go to Locando di Sant Agostino and order poci.

I don't have the photo, but this trip is the place that I had the most simple, tasty pizza I have ever had.  Great crust and sauce.  That's it.  The sauce was slightly spicy and the texture was chewy.  

The bottom row of food was in Sienna at a place called Trattoria La Torro.  It is the kind of place where the big burly guy walks up and tells you what you want to eat.  He delivers and it is amazing.  
I'll admit.  I slept most of the car rides between the towns sleeping.  I am not a good road trip companion.  I wake up all panicky, thinking we are going to crash.  And then I fall asleep again.  

Seeing all of this stuff in one day may have been a little overwhelming.  But looking back at these photos, I get to relive all of the beautiful sights.   

And how about some awesome graffiti...

Next up:  Venice


marilynl said...

Rock and Rool!!!!!! I so want to go to Italy. Maybe someday. Looks like it was a wonderful experience.

Elisa Marquez said...

Christina, I'm really happy to see you exploring the world before your baby arrives. Your recollections and pictures allow me to live through you! Miss you.

Nikki said...

Beautiful pictures! This is where I would love to go on my next kidless trip. I too, remember things by the food we ate. I am glad I'm not the only one. I love the pictures of you and your baby bump also, you look fantastic.

amelia and crew said...

My goodness! How beautiful!


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