Thursday, July 1, 2010

the great salt lake

The Great Salt Lake...
I have never been out to Antelope Island.  If I had, I would have known how far it was, or cold, or that the brine flies were bad.  
On the positive note, we made some great memories and got some pictures to remember it by.
Eva is so lucky to have so many cousins that she loves to play with.

This picture of the brothers with the binoculars cracked us up.
The kids enjoying nature.
Eva and Katie in the sheep pen.
I think the kids' favorite part was the horse stable.
One of the park guys asked the horse guy to let our kids get on the horse for a picture.  Nice, huh?
The horse guy was so nice and obliging.  
This horse was less fun to sit on.  You can tell by the look on Eva's face.
My dad loves outings like this. 
Uh, I guess I didn't get this gene. 
Do you remember those posters from the book order or on the ceiling of the dentist office of the kitten hanging from a branch that had the caption, "just hangin' around?"  I do.
I can't remember how many times we said, "Where is Samuel?" or "Where is Eva?"  They were having a blast exploring the place.  

The Great Salt Lake excursion... posted.


pamela said...

hey i am headed there tomorrow with kids / cousins! and yes, someone should have warned you about the bugs and smell.

**when you are really up for an adventure, go to the spiral jetty, in the great salt lake. it is a long crazy drive, and might induce swearing and tears, but the water is eerily pink out there, and the jetty is white.

Sheralie said...

I need to go someday. But thanks for the photos. My great grandmother Sarah Garr and her family lived there a long time ago.

Oh, and how long is Karl going for the beard look?

Abbigail said...

I have been there countless times, but never to that farm place with the horses. So cool. Did you take them to see the bison? We went with Kitty last summer and it was amazing. I love it there.
The spiral jetty is REALLY far out there. Ryan and I went when I was pregnant with Kitty. Karl would love it, not too sure if you would think the drive was worth it. It is stunning like Pam says and one of Utah's treasures. I am still shocked to see such amazing land art in Utah. I assume it is not submerged still?
Your kids are lucky to have all those cousins close. They are all getting so big. I barely recognized Sarah. Can't wait to see them all in person.
Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay said...

I have never been to Antelope Island before either. Which is kind of crazy considering how long I lived in Sandy. Your pictures definitely make it look cool. :)

Kathryn said...

How fun! I haven't every been there. Next time you go, let me tag along.


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