Monday, June 28, 2010

end of the school year for eva

I remember field day from waaay back when I was in elementary school.  That, with the hot weather, the cleaning of the classroom, the end of the structured day, always let me know that it was the end of the school year.

The end of the school year started with Eva's field day, too.
This was a game where the kids tried to roll a marble and knock over a marker.
  I love the way that Eva is eyeing out her path.
The class (and their Creamies).
Eva and one of her favorite friends.
I was always grateful for her because her mom also believed that there is lunch beyond just "kid food."  So Eva would tell me the cool stuff that her friend shared from her lunch (like salads and noodle dishes) and how her friend would try Eva's edamame and nori (seaweed) and musubi (rice balls).  Nothing like two little foodies to tug on my heartstrings. 
And speaking of lunches, I am so happy to have a break from making lunches at 7:30 a.m..
(and I was about to crop out my foot in the left picture but then I thought that my barefoot and pajamas kind of told part of the story).
I have many containers (much to Karl's dismay) but these were my favorite this year.  The have little ice packs that snap right into the lids.  I found mine at Ross but Target always has them.  I picked up some Laptop Lunch boxes for next year and am excited to try them out (even if it is at 7:30 a.m.).  
Oh, right, field day...
The tug of war cracked me up.  Eva was really into it.  Turns out, the girls can beat the boys.  
Eva and her teacher (and her Creamy, of course).  
Samuel had a great time, too.
And when the last day of school really came, Eva's friend had a fairy tea party.  
Eva choose her fairy outfit herself.  
Eva and her "tea."
I haven't seen a lot of starfruit and I thought it was so cute and perfect for a fairy tea party.

And though summer is already in full swing, it seems like this was just yesterday.  


Adri said...

Eva is so cute. It's crazy to think we still haven't had our field day yet. Only a few more days and we will finally be done. I love star fruit... way cute for a Fairy party!

Abbigail said...

It does seem like just yesterday. Looked like a fun field day. Can't remember the last time I had a creamy. Those lunches looked yummy. Not sure what I will ever pack for my child since she eats very few things. Are u sure our children are cousins?

Sheralie said...

The tea party looks very magical. Good job mama.


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