Saturday, June 26, 2010

memorial day 2010

Memories of Memorial Day...

swimming with cousins
Samuel relaxing with his dad
Karl's with his farmer tan/burn concentrating so hard on building some sort of floatie contraption
Happy dad and kids swimming (and me happy that I don't have to)
Samuel snuggling with Grandma
Visiting Great Grandpa's grave
Eva gathering stray flowers
Samuel tracing his name on his namesake's headstone
Eva and Samuel paying their respects
Eva writes "I LOVE YOU" to her great grandpa

Stopping by Karl's old school to help his mom move her stuff to a new class room
A trip down memory lane for Karl and his mom since this was the school they both attended
Eva and Samuel enjoying the new Gutke Park
And this is the photo I will refer to in my mind when the kids are fighting (again) and I lose sight of the fact that they do love each other and for the most part have so much fun together.

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Lindsay said...

Those are some really nice pictures, Christina. :)


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