Monday, July 5, 2010

little gym memories

I actually paid money to watch Samuel run around and jump off things and hide under things and not listen to someone else besides me.  
Since they have a rule that parents shouldn't interfere I watched behind the big window while I felt my blood pressure rise.
Since Samuel was well aware of the rule, that meant that he could pick his nose as he pleased, make faces at me as he pleased, but most of all, enjoy himself because his mom wasn't there to tell him, "no."

Samuel hiding while the kids are getting instructions on what to do next.
The instructor telling him to use his hands on his backward rolls (though he never did) and some kid in apparent agony.  
That medal.  Samuel loves that medal.  Not because it means that he accomplished something but because he just really loves that medal.  

Here's the thing that baffles me.  I will probably pay to go through all of this again.  


Abbigail said...

You are on a blogging marathon! Samuel is so funny! Vi also watch kitty disobey in gymnastics and swimming. In fact on her skill sheet they said she needs to work on her listening ears. Oh boy! Lite gym looks fun. I know kitty liked it when she visited last.

Josh said...

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