Monday, May 31, 2010

eva dances 2010

Last year when it was time to get ready to go to dance.  Eva would start moving slower, get a little whiney, and drag her feet.  Since I am not a fan of quitting half way, I made her finish the year but thought we would not sign up again.  Waste of money and waste of time for something that she wasn't excited about.
Turned out, she just hated putting on her leotard.  
All that drama over something so simple.
A leotard.  
This year, we got a bigger one and now she loves dance.
If the scanner was clear in the other room I would scan in the real pictures, but it is just so far away.  So these are the ones taken from the sidelines with my phone.  
She also has loved taking a little tumbling class right after her dance class.  Turns out, when I do her bun right, she can do an endless head stand.  
And we can all conclude from these pictures that she is extra bendy.
This is her class before there recital.  They did a dance to a song called Go Bananas. We weren't allowed to take photos during the performance.  Why did I follow that silly rule?  Duh.  
Oh well.
This is a random picture of us eating breakfast in the backyard before church (ok, ok, during church.  What?  We got there eventually :).  9 am may as well be the crack of dawn for us.  We just don't function very early.  Never have).  
See Eva's hair?  I love doing her hair.  Maybe not when I have to wake up at 7:20 to do it, but I still like to do it.  I used to get in trouble in second grade because my friend and I would take turns braiding each other's hair during class.  Now I have my own girl to do her hair.  And I never get in trouble for doing it.  But she decided she wants it short.  Funny because years ago, she wanted it long but I begged, bribed, convinced her to have it short because it was so hard to get all the knots out and I happen to love little girls in an a-line haircut.  But this time she was convincing me.  The deal was she had to wait until her recital was done because it is hard to get short hair into the required bun.
Here is the before and after.  We are going to try and send the giant hunk of hair in to Locks of Love.  Just as soon as I do a billion other things...

When I was younger, I did as many did and got a perm.  We picked my brother up from the airport and the first thing he said was, "What did you do to your hair?  How long does that last?"

After Eva got her hair cut we picked Samuel up from preschool, and he said, "I don't like your hair short.  How long will it take for it to grow back?"  He likes girls to have long hair and boys to have short.  Period.  End of discussion.  No one taught him, it just happens to be his preference.  We were on our way to visit a friend in a care facility and I was explaining that was where our friend had to go to get better.  He asks, "Can they make Eva's hair better?"

I am glad Eva is confident enough to take Samuel's crap.  I guess brothers haven't changed much since I was young.  

Oh, I am still on my health thing.  More posts will come.  I am still totally passionate about it and believe it more now than ever. 


Sheralie said...

I am glad you liked the soup. It will freeze well if you have too much to eat now.

And I am so glad you are on your health kick. I think we are on the same page and I love all of your posts about food. You have inspired me to start posting my thoughts about food as well :) So thanks.

Abbigail said...

Those dance photos are incredible. She is so bendy! She could join circe de sole. I love her new hair cut. I bet you can still do lots of braids.
Our church is at nine and I think we haven't made it on time in months. Too early.
Miss that sweet girl and the brother who thinks her her is too short.

Malea said...

I so dig Samual. Oh all those dance photos are so precious. They completely take me back when I was that age...that time of life was all about dance, getting costumed up, taking photo's and doing bendy stuff just like that. I used to do that bendy pose all the time. Imagine my shock when I realized I couldn't anymore after I started having kids. Thanks for documenting, so I can at least live vicariously through you and your daughter:)

Angela said...

She is way bendy! I love her hair. It was so fun to see you r the other day. Wish we lived closer.

Emily said...

Oh the dance pictures! I LOVE THEM!!! Eva's bendy poses are the best.
Her hair is darling despite what the brother thinks!

Adri said...

What a beautiful little girl. My girls are doing the whiney thing this year and it makes me so sad. I want them to do dance but I'm not spending the money and the time and then fighting to get them there. Eva is soooo bendy... way to go sista! Where do you guys take dance at?

Lindsay said...

She is so talented! I can tell just from the pictures. :) I love her haircut!

Amy said...

Really? Could your kids be any more cute? Really? Could any backyard Sunday brunch look like more fun? And, really? Your kids just eat outside in their Sunday best like that and don't have food smeared from here to there? You are amazing. Can't wait to see that new baby!


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