Wednesday, June 2, 2010

art festival and easter dress

Eva's school has an annual art festival.  This year they had a ton of crafts set up that the kids could make.  The art program also had an art project that each student made that parents could "buy" to contribute to the program.  It has been kind of a pain to drive Eva all the way to a charter school but it has been worth it to see her benefit from the programs that can only exist with the freedom and ideas of a charter school.
Samuel working with fabric dye and fabric.
Eva building something out of wood blocks and glue.
Karl and Samuel working on an "Inuit Mask."  

Some U of U students had a booth set up where they got permission to do a survey with the students about race and ethnicity.  I was curious to see what my kids had to say.  Today Eva asked why Japanese people have black hair when most people have blond or brown.  I tried to explain that most people don't have blond or brown, but it seemed kind of a lost cause here in UT.  It will be interesting to see what their experience will be compared to mine.  

The guy asks Eva, "Do your parents every talk about race and ethnicity?"  She shrugs and answers, "no."  Survey over.

The guy asks Samuel, "Do your parents ever talk about race or ethnicity?"  Samuel answers, "Yeah."  
The guys says, "What do they say?"
Samuel answers, "Like, race cars and race tracks."  Survey over.

Samuel will be starting kindergarten in the same school next year.  And if there is any wonder if he ready for such a big school, the answer comes as another question... 
Is the school ready for him?

The kids loved the art festival. They made so many neat and beautiful projects.  I would scan some but, once again, the scanner is oh so far away.

Easter was a while ago, right?  In keeping with tradition, I got the kids outfits but since we didn't have church on Easter Sunday the kids never wore them.  I wanted to get the annual Easter photo, even though it is almost June. 
And though Eva's hair is mostly gone and though she prefers to wear it down with just a little curl under, she will still let me do it.  Just to be nice.  What a sweet girl.


Emily said...

Eva is such a beauty.

I laughed so hard at the ethnicity survey. Ha! At the beginning of the school year Clayton kept talking about this girl he liked in his class. I was trying to figure out which girl he was talking about. the conversation went like this:

me: what does she look like?
c: she has pretty eyes
me: is she Asian?
c: what's that?
me: never mind.
c: she has so much hair!
me: is she African-American?
c: Um I think so. Am I African-American?
me: No. is she black?
c: (screwing up his face) No! Why would she be black? Nobody's black!

(I met the girl later. She does have pretty eyes and lots of hair. She's from Nigeria.)

I LOVE the way kids see the world.

pamela said...

1. your kids look amazingly cute. what great easter outfits.
2. "is the school ready for him". thats how i feel about my son who is entering kindergarten next year!

Sheralie said...

your children are gorgeous. would you pick out easter outfits for mine next year?:)

Kathryn said...

LOL! Your kids are soooo funny! I loved the survey questions. Looks like the art activity was fun.

Malea said...

Love the photo with Samual! I've yet to blog on Easter, sooo.
I am so glad you had a great experience with Charter. I've yet to hear a bad one, they seem like wonderful schools.

Amy said...

Race cars. Priceless. I love your stories so much. Is any school ready for that uber cute Samuel? I thought maybe you had Eva in a private school. Seems like a really good one. I'll be driving Isaac across town for a brand new Montessori charter next year. Crossing my fingers that it will be worth it.

Thank you for your thoughtful insights re: my last blog post. You are right. You are so right. I know you are right. I need to bite that bullet. It was the best advice. And thanks for not saying, "Forget yourself and go to work!" Or, something like that. We moms really do work so hard, right? And, it is the best job ever. Sometimes I just feel like I'm missing it because I'm half asleep all the time. Thanks for being such a true cyber friend. We should get everyone together again.

Abbigail said...

Love the projects from the art festival! The fabric and dye looked really great.
Eva's new haircut looks beautiful, but she does look so much older. When I saw the Easter photos I said an audible "awwwww...."
Love those kids.


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