Thursday, June 10, 2010

baby boy

We are having a boy.  And when we found out, this is what I thought:

(People that would get offended by me comparing a baby to a puppy, please forgive me.)

I have learned that kids come with their personalities.  They just do.  I don't know how much we contributed to this but it just so happens that we have a boy with a nature similar to that of the stereotypical:
He's fast and he's tiny (even though he out eats his dad most of the time).  To be honest, most of us can't keep up.  Even when he is entranced in a movie, he is all over the place.  And how many times have we said, "It's a good thing you're cute?"  Because that kid manages to do and say things that, well, it just makes me tired (and smile) thinking about it.

So what I am wondering, is...
What do I need to do to get a boy with a nature more like this?:

I am really excited we are having another boy.  But whenever I think about it, I can't help but get a little scared, now that I know the possibilities.  I used to joke that we already had eight kids.  Because Samuel was like seven.  I know we will be ecstatic just to have the baby, but I am just saying...

Oh, and in practical preparation for a boy:

I am happy about a boy.  Very happy.  Yes, I had visions of making Eva and a new baby girl matching skirts.  Yes, girl stuff is so fun to make and buy.  Yes, raising a girl has (so far) been less exhausting.  But, I am very very happy about a boy.  But baby boy STUFF?  Parents of boys, help me out.  How do I get excited about baby boy stuff?  Flowers, ruffles, pinks?  I can do.  But I have a hard time going beyond just the practical for boys.  Besides, I am kind of starting over with STUFF.  I gave all but a bucket of sentimental stuff away.  From what I can tell, STUFF is way cooler and cuter now.  Advice?  Stuff you don't need anymore?  I am all ears and open arms.  


Lindsay said...

That is so exciting, Christina! And kind of crazy that you and Karl will be the only Gutke Grandkids with two boys (I can't believe I hadn't realized that when you pointed it out yesterday!)I've heard the third is always easier...they HAVE to be. :) Also, just walk around the baby boy section at Target...boy stuff is getting cuter and cuter!

Adri said...

First on a positive note... Congrats on the having a baby boy. I am so excited for you.
Second, I have no advice. I have Jake and he is by far more exausting then both of my girls put together. I have said a thousand times too "At least he's cute". I honestly think that's what saves him. I love your post I would have said the exact same thing you did. Sorry I have no advice but I am here for you and understand.

Nikki said...

Congrats on having a boy. As a mother of 3 boys, I will say it is exhausting , but there is a lot less drama with the boys then there is with my soon to be 4 year old girl. :)

Amy said...

Me give advice to you on cuteness? Ummm . . . I'm feeling a little under qualified. But, I do know that baby boy stuff is way cuter and cooler now than it was a few years ago (giant leap from my first boy to my second and since my second boy is turning five, I can only imagine it's gotten even better).

I think that having a third or fourth baby is even more nerve racking than the first or second because when you start having kids you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. What is that saying? Ignorance is bliss. Now that you have a few years of mothering under your belt, you are aware of the possibilities. This is the reason I got really nervous right before our fourth was born. I was thinking of all the scenarios that 'could be.' If it helps put your mind at ease, she has been a total breeze so far and none of my worries have come to pass. I will keep my fingers crossed for the same for you!!! You are going to love having a new baby again. I think babies are more fun with each birth because you know what you are doing and you can relax and enjoy them.

Abbigail said...

Congrats Christina and Karl!!!!! We are so excited you are having a boy! I agree that it is really fun to shop for a girl, but I have still managed to buy way too many things for my Harry. We can dress them in matching things for holidays when we are together. :)

Boys versus girls? Well, my boy is only a week old and he has been super easy so far. I know he will change any day. However, my girl is no sleepy lab pup. She could be compared to a pomeranian or a terrier for sure. She may not have quite as much energy as Samuel, but she has enough. A lot. She is not like Eva at all. I will send you some links to cute baby boy things that I have found and like.
So happy and excited. Kisses.

Malea said...

Stuff? What stuff? I know not of this "stuff" that you speak of. I only know crap. Crap that was once stuff, but became crap once it was around my boys for more than a day.

I am actually looking into getting an overhead projector in order to create decor more cheaply. Because they will break it. And it will suck. But if it didn't cost as much as you would have purchased it in a store, then it will suck less.

ps, make a perma potty spot outside where it's ok to pee. Just trust me on this.

pss, CONGRATULATIONS!! You've seen my boys, they're a handful, but they're just great. And they love me. Boys just love their moms. That's one of the best parts.

pamela said...

congratulations, thats so exciting. i'm a bit like you - we always refer to our son as counting for 2 kids - 2 very busy kids.

and boy clothes for sure are not very exciting.

Dianne said...

Congratulations! I remember the day when I was pregnant with Jessi and found out she was going to be a girl. Ali had a MAJOR meltdown before school that morning--probably fueled by both girl drama and hormones--and the news that I was a having another girl came as a bit of a downer. Though I am glad to have 2 girls, I will say that my one boy has always been drama-free. But he does like to do crazy boy things. Somehow it all evens out.


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