Monday, April 12, 2010

quick vacation

Karl had a conference down in St. George.  We all went along for the ride.  
And had a blast.  So much fun that we extended our two day trip to three.
We packed the days full of fun and really really loved the weather.  
Eva is best at finding ways to chill.
Samuel is best at finding the next adrenaline fix.

I chose not to find out if wading was permitted in this fountain because we were just so excited to enjoy the perfect weather.  Nobody stopped us.
Samuel drenched his shorts so I hung them out the window while we drove out to the sand dunes.  They were dry by the time we got there.

This is my lovely friend Malea.  We met in our younger years when we lived in Russia.  Then again when we lived in China. This time we met in St. George where she lives and she took us up to the Sand Dunes up Snow Canyon.  
I didn't know what to expect.  But she did.  She was totally prepared with buckets, shovels, drinks and snacks for all of us.  Amazing, right?  Let me tell you something even more amazing.  She has four boys.  Four adorable boys.  

Malea let Eva wear her sunglasses when Eva got sand in her eye.
This place was like a huge beach with no salt water.  
It was perfect.
Eva made herself into a mermaid.
This captures the meaning of "So Samuel."
"Mom look what I made!"
and as fast as I could snap a picture, he jumped up and smashed it.
(and, of course, his shirt snaps are skiwampus the whole time).

Also noteworthy was the image of the kids making friends with a family of teenagers, twenty somethings and their mom.  They buried Eva in the sand and Samuel chased one of the girls while she tried to avoid his fistful of sand.  
And after failing to get a decent picture of us with our kids, we settled for a picture of just us.  

This was all one day.  One day!  We also had a Thai dinner where we ran into my sister, and Karl's business partner.  Total coincidence!  There was also one more swimming session.  
Thanks you St. George, for such a fantastic day.


Abbigail said...

Your quick trip looks like it was great fun!!!!! I have never been to the sand dunes around there. We enjoyed our dune time in Michigan. They were really steep and went into lake Michigan.
I can't decide if my little one is more like Samuel or Eva. She told me she doesn't like to get messy or wet. But she certainly has the rapid energy of Samuel.

Malea said...

That was a great day for me too! Your kids cracketh me up-eth. I am so glad you got a photo of Samual and his sand castle pounce. That made me laugh so much. Thanks for making time to hang with me. You've been a gem from the second I met you...I look forward each time we have the chance to chill.

Lindsay said...

Isn't St. George fun!? We try to do quick trips there (even quicker than yours, usually just over nighters.:))every few months. The dunes at Snow Canyon are my favorite. Your pictures look so fun!
Also, You lived in Russia!? I didn't know that, that is so cool.

Sheralie said...

Children + Sand or Children + Hotel Pool = Life doesn't get much better

Brenda Israelsen said...

While your family tradition is to roll Easter eggs down Old Main, my family tradition growing up was rolling easter eggs down the sand dunes in St. George. It was a lot of fun. However, the sand would somehow end up inside the egg--not so good. I haven't been to the sand dunes in a long time. Glad you enjoyed it.


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