Saturday, April 10, 2010

easter improv

We did Easter with no sugar this year.  That's right.  Me, no sugar.  (Someday I might blog about why).
It worked.  It totally worked.  The kids did not complain.  
Chick egg holding a fruit leather.  
Not only did we improvise on the (apparently overrated) candy tradition, we ended up improvising on the rolling-the-eggs-down-Old-Main-Hill tradition.
This wasn't planned.
We went all way up to Logan, had a lovely lunch at Karl's mom's, got in the car to go up to Old Main and... no eggs.  We left them in the garage at home.  90 minutes away.
So sad.  Karl's mom did not go on a trip just so she could do this with us.
The kids were so sad.
I was so sad.
Never fear.  Karl took us to a near by hill.  Never mind that it is right behind some apartment building.  Never mind that I expected the police to come tell us that we weren't allowed to throw eggs down the hill.
The kids, especially Eva, had a blast.
The hill was rocky.  Some of the eggs didn't make it too far.
The hill did have a lovely view.
Eva making bunny ears on her (soon to be smashed) egg.
Getting the kids to stand together is always a feat.  
And so is getting a real smile. 

I just need to come to terms with the fact that things will always come up.  My team does not plan well.  Sigh.  My kids will either grow up anxious or be really good at rolling with the punches.

Easter 2010: recorded.


Lindsay said...

The bunny ears picture of Eva is one of my favorites.
So who needs candy on Easter anyway? I (and my kids) think Easter money is better spent on toys from the dollar section. :)

Sheralie said...

It is good for children to roll with the punches . . . mine do all the time :)

Abbigail said...

The fake smile is cuter than most smiles. We r going to roll our eggs down our hill too. They are still inbthe fridge though.

pamela said...

i love a no sugar tradition. we typically (try to) do that as well. it's amazing how far art supplies can go in an easter basket.


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