Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter 2010

We've all been making stuff.
I love to make these chocolate pretzel nests.  With the best Easter candy ever, Cadbury Mini Eggs.
All wrapped up to give away.
My mom learned to make these sugar eggs this year and made one for each of the grandkids and all of her friends.  Samuel got a blue one but stashed it away in his room as soon as we got it home.
We died Easter eggs.  We did the tie thing again this year but the kids weren't into at all.  They kept asking when we were going to die eggs.  My nephew (the one with the mega long locks) was SO cute when he was dying them.
Eva using her skills to make the sticker stick on her egg.
Samuel drawing a rocket ship on his egg.
The final result.  Kind of hard to get excited about the when I know that they are all going to end up smashed on Old Main Hill.
And I have been baking all night.  
Seriously, all night.
My attempt to make a bunny for the kids.  Eva especially loves it when I make her food cute.  

Happy Easter!


Abbigail said...

Too lovely to eat!!!!!! Fun. Are you going to roll them in the snow? The bread looks fab and those little nests are amazing. I want to make those with you sometime.

Happy Easter! We miss u all. Have fun in Logan.

Amy said...

Happy Easter to you! I've missed reading your blog. What a fund time you had getting ready for Easter. I realized this year that I never dye eggs with my kids because then I'm wondering - what do you do with all those hard boiled eggs? And, this year it finally dawned on me that we can just throw them away instead of getting all creative about pretending to enjoy eating them. So, we dyed 3 dozen eggs and had fun doing it. But, we just did it the plain old fashioned way. I'm glad to read on your blog that the kids don't care if I get all fancy because I was feeling mighty guilty about buying that $2 kit instead of getting all creative like you do. And, speaking of creative, I think I'm going to give Sophie the boot out of her bedroom (move her in with her sister) and make myself a little room of my own. Maybe you can come give me some tips on making it 1/2 as fabulous as yours ;-) Take care!

Malea said...

I need to borrow that nephew of yours. He is a doll!!!

Buchanans said...

Um...let's go back a few days ago on Twitter...did I catch that right???? I hope so... :)

Lindsay said...

Your bread looks amazing! I just made my second batch of whole wheat bread last night, thankfully it turned out much better than my first. :)
Happy Easter!

Nells-Bells said...

HELLO! i want to know how to make those awesome chocolate easter nests. YUM!! you definitely need to post that recipe. :p looks like easter was fun at your house!

pamela said...

i kind of wish i'd spent easter at your house. those nests are going to be a must make tradition for me, they look so great.

Kathryn said...

You look like Martha Stewart! Thanks for the easter nest. We loved it. It tasted as good as it looked!


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