Thursday, March 18, 2010

eva's leprechaun trap

"Karl, will you help Eva with her project?  She needs to make a leprechaun trap."


Empty bottles, boxes, papers and candies that Eva had saved up?


After he (uh, I mean they) were done Eva said, "It looks like a temple!"

Karl says I better not say it is his trap.  So I won't.  One day when Eva is older and she is having a day where she isn't feeling so special (because everyone has one of those days) I will remind her of the night her daddy built her the fanciest all wood, hand painted, good enough to be a temple,  leprechaun trap.  With a pitched roof.  And a sliding trap door.  And we will laugh (because that is SO Karl) and, hopefully, she will remember how special she is.   

Eva made a TV and a bed for the leprechaun and used some little gold colored candies to lure the little guy in.  I didn't get  picture but she also made a teeny tiny remote.  
Any leprechaun would be a fool to pass this high quality furnished suite up.


Emily said...

I wanna be a leprechaun. . .

That's hilarious and amazing - I barely ever get a chance to use those two words in the same sentence!

marilynl said...

I continue to be amazed whenever I read your blog!!!!

Kathryn said...

How adorable! Your family seems to always be in the middle of some major project. This is sure to catch any lucky leprechaun!

pamela said...

this IS amazing. i can tell you what i would have done...a shoe box.

but this inspires me to want to do better than be a shoebox mom. i want to be a handpainted, pitched roof parent, like karl.

Abbigail said...

Wow. Way to go Eva and Karl. That is so awesome.
Freya made a building out of those magnatiles the other day. She told me it was a temple. Sure enough, it was.

Sheralie said...

I have been trying to remember all week information about St. Patricks day. Such as why we do it and what we should do to celebrate it. I basically came up with nothing and didn't even remember to tell me children to wear green. Thanks for giving me a reality check on leprechaun traps. How could I have forgotten?

Cydnee said...

Your kids have some serious creative DNA flowing in their veins.


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