Wednesday, March 10, 2010

memories of a great man and bravery

See this little house?  This house holds many memories for so many people.  Many many people.  The man of this house had (including spouses) 185 descendants.  

On Presidents day, Karl got the word that his grandpa was not doing very well so we hopped in the car and drove up for a visit.
Though he seemed so different than we were used to, physically, he was definitely the same in spirit.  Giving hugs, making everyone feel welcome, and joking like he always did. 
"The ride in the ambulance was so bumpy that when we got there I told the driver, 'You did great job, I think you only missed two bumps.'"
Can you believe that?  In pain, in an ambulance, and he is still making people laugh.

After our visit (and goodbyes) we went out to the backyard to visit the horses.  

The kids.

This sequence cracked me up.  The kids getting ready to jump.  Eva, being Eva hesitates and things the landing over.  Samuel goes for it and takes off.

So, then you might say he is so daring, right?  The way he jumps around so fearlessly.  The way he ways whatever is on his mind.  

But then look at him feed the horse.  He was so afraid.  He wouldn't get close enough so the horses had to strain.  Karl pushed him forward and look at his face.  So funny the way his eyes are slammed shut.
Eva had no problem feeding the horses, though.
She was very brave.  Even though that horse only had one eye.
Karl has convinced the kids that they want to live on a farm.  Me?  We can't even take care of our little 1/4 of an acre or our few (now dead) plants.  We can't handle a farm.  
So Samuel says to Karl, "I want to live on a farm.  I will feed the horses and you will clean up the poop.  Oh, wait, that will freak me out.  Eva will feed the horses.  But what will I do?"
He finally decided he will feed the chickens. 

So, I think both kids are brave.  In their own way.  Samuel feels safest if he is the biggest, fastest, or loudest.  Otherwise he is a total scaredy cat.  Though Eva isn't quick to jump off high places, she is so much braver in other ways.  


Abbigail said...

That is a great visit you made to Grandpa. I love the photo of you guys with him and Grandma. I wish I could have seen him again before he passed. I am glad I was there at Christmas.
The kids look right at home on the farm. It sure seems idealic to have animals. I always wanted some as a kid. Now I am happy with my dogs.

Kathryn said...

I really enjoyed this post. I hope your kids can retain some of these memories.

Tamany said...

I just showed Eva to my mom with the introduction, "Do you want to see the cutest little girl ever?"

Anyway, will you tell me the restaurants that you went to when you were in Chicago? We go in May and I want to plan out our food binge.


Nells-Bells said...

i am so glad you posted this. i was in england when lyle passed away and therefore, was not able to attend his funeral. i was just so sad to have missed it. what a wonderful life he had on this earth! he was such an amazing person.


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