Monday, March 8, 2010

valentines 2010

The standouts for this holiday this year:
-Samuel's cards.  The way he writes his name.  It's not that he can't do it write.  It is that he is entertaining himself as he is writing.
-She did butterflies.  Kind of like last year but the kids at this school hadn't seen them yet.
-For the teachers I drizzled chocolate on some fortune cookies, put them in a Chinese take out box and attached the note.  I didn't make it up.  
-Eva used her birthday party decorations for her Valentine box and it turned out so pretty.  
-I stopped by Eva's Valentine party and took a few pictures.  The mommy in charge of the snack made chocolate covered strawberries.  She is a mommy after my own heart.
-Samuel came home from preschool with this heart bag.  It said "Cole" on it.  But Samuel didn't care.  
-On the actual day we usually have fondue for dinner.  Since it was my niece's birthday party that night, we had it for lunch.  We always have artichokes, too.  Eva loves them.  And I love that she loves them.
-We stopped by my friend, Erma's, house to drop off a valentine for her.  She pulls out these GIANT heart cookies that she made for my kids.  The kids were thrilled at the size of these things.  The thing that cracked me up is that Erma showed us the cookies that she made for her grandkids and they were these little circles.  I love that she loves our kids and that my kids love her.  
-Though I don't have pictures, I can't leave out that my kids were definitely showered with love from all of their grandparents.

Love Day 2010.  Posted.


Abbigail said...

those fortune cookies look yummy!!!!! We enjoyed valentines day here as well. Kitty made some for her preschool class and continued to make them weeks after the celebration.

Malea said...

Chocolate covered strawberries! That momma and I would get along too. That's another great thing about charter schools. Our school district has the rule that any treat has to be store bought in an unopened container. Makes being a cutsie parent pretty expensive. Cute photos!

Nells-Bells said...

i love the creative valentines that you make! everything is so beautiful. i also love all of the butterflies for eva's party. you are so talented!

pamela said...

the fortune cookies are the best thing ever, i can't wait to do it!

tylerandjulie said...

You STOLE my valentine's day. I sooo wanted to be cute with Solomon's first official Valentine's party at school, I was even in charge of the festivities...somehow my creativity was all sucked dry and he gave out dumb candy that had a preprinted "to" and "from" written on them and he just scribbled down his name. I guess there's always next year to be as cool and creative as christina.(i can always dream can't i?)

Olivia said...

You are so cute and creative! I love the butterflies!

Kathryn said...

What a delightful holiday. The fortune cookies were a wonderful idea. I really love fortune cookies. They sound even better drizzled with chocolate.


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