Saturday, March 6, 2010

eva celebrates with yellow and butterflies

For her birthday shindig Eva wanted butterflies and the color yellow.
I wanted to make some tissue pom poms but she noticed that they looked like butterflies during the process so that is what she made.  

We also make some origami butterflies and hung then from the light fixture.

For the food, Eva wanted pizza, lemonade, and watermelon.  Dear Papa Murphy helped us out with the pizza.  I made the citrus punch that always seems to be a hit.  But Eva wanted something more along the lines of Country Time.  Whoops.  We bought a watermelon but since it is not even close to being in season, it was gross.  So I got a bunch of watermelon candy.

It was Superbowl Sunday so I made sure to put out tons of snacks.  
My mom made the yellow butterfly cookies and Karl's mom made the chocolate chip cookies.  Eva wrapped the utensils.  It is very very Eva to do something like that.  I made little bouquets of flower and butterfly suckers for party favors.  And then I forgot to hand them out.  They are still sitting on my counter.  
I made a couple of salads, seven layer dip, artichoke dip, bean salsa, and my sister-in-law made dill dip (and was so nice to send it down even though her family couldn't come because they were all sick).

Boy.  We love food.
The boys watching the game.  Samuel the blurr.
Samuel loaded his plate up with chips and declared, "I like crunchy things."  
Notice the plates.  I found these plates with the cup holder.  They cracked me up so I got them.    They seemed very Superbowl-esque.  
Karl's mom made yet another amazing cake.  
And even more than we love food and a good party, we love Eva.
and these are a few of Eva's loves in her seventh year:
beautiful things
making beautiful things
writing notes
watching shows
folding things
playing with her brother
sour cream

and if you are wondering... it is a month later and much to the dismay of my much taller husband, those butterflies are still hanging.  


Malea said...

I love sour cream. It's like lemon, you can put it on or in most anything and it makes it better. I also love your plates. They are perfect for my kind of gatherings in my cozy home where there's never enough room to spread out the eating area.

Abbigail said...

Looks like a great party. Sad I couldn't have attended. Yet again. Living far from fome stinks for that. I love the yellow butterfly cookies. And the salad looks delish. Eva is an amazing girl and we are all lucky to have her. I adore her.

Amy said...

You never cease to amaze me with your fabulous creative artistic awesomeness! Those party pictures are a delight. That food, those flowers, the decorations, that cake, and the wrapped utensils! (I'm beginning to think "so Eva" is "so like her mom").

I love the picture of Samuel the blur. The look on Grandpa's(?) face is priceless.

Did I already tell you how impressed I am with Eva's room makeover? You are such a fun mom. I wish you were my mom. Or, at least a friend who lived a little closer so some of your creativity could rub off on me.

lissiemarie said...

I love it!! I did a butterfly b-day party and it was such a fun party. It was my favorite party I have given to date! You have amazing talents! I don't have the time or energy to express my creative juices so it is nice to see yours when I look at your blog.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE the butterflies...and yellow is one of my favorite colors. What a perfect combination! And what a sweet birthday girl. :)

pamela said...

it looks like a really great party. although i'm starting to think something is wrong with me since i am salivating at all these food pictures! looks so yummy.


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