Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Another one of those places that I think of when they say, "Close your eyes and go to your happy place."
Cristina's Restaurant in Sun Valley.  
Not only do we have a name in common, we have a love of food.  But man oh man, she does it so so so well. 
I didn't do a great job ordering this time.  Ordering is a skill.  I usually do a pretty good job at it. My chicken dinner was a little too manly for my pre snowboarding meal.  And I couldn't help but be jealous of the people across the room from us that had delicious salads.  But this bread basket always makes up for any meal.  See the bread with the purple stuff.  Grapes.  We sat there and tried to guess what fruit it was.  Like something that good had to be all exotic or something.  So we asked.  Grapes.  The hot chocolate is as good as it looks.  


Abbigail said...

That hot chocolate looks diving. Yummy! You do have mad ordering skills.

Malea said...

I love french green beans. It makes for such great finger food for me. So the grapes, were in the bread? Intriguing.

Sheralie said...

Ordering is a talent . . . one I lack. Cookbooks are much simpler I think, but menus try to make everything sound the best. Very tricky.

Anonymous said...

All of it looks great! I am getting in my car now and heading there!


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