Wednesday, December 30, 2009

what a difference a year makes

That time of year came again. Samuel's Christmas program. After last year, just the thought of the program made me all nervous.

But this year went great. Notice the teacher right behind Samuel at all times. Good to know that they know him as well as we do.

Decked out to sing "Mele Kalikimaka."

That happy face lets me know that it was all worth it.
While the kids were waiting for Santa, Samuel ran over to me to tell me that we forgot to bring his pictures of all the toys he was asking from Santa. On his way back to the line he randomly sat by this guy and said, "I'm staring at you." The guy was a good sport and stared back. And won.

The line was hectic and long. This kid in front of Eva and Samuel gave Santa a treat. I thought that was cute.
Here is Santa happily and intently listening to Eva. So sweet.

Samuel whispered his "orders" to Santa. Then after we made him get down, he went back and "ordered" some more.
(I need to fix his tie. It is out of control.)

Samuel's (much better) Christmas program: recorded.

Added this later, just because it makes me laugh when I watch it.  What motivates him?  Really?


Anonymous said...

Kids and what they do in programs are so unpredictable. I am glad this year went good. I love how determined Samuel is and how he knows just what he wants.

five-one-and-a-half said...

What a cute Santa. And what cute kids. And what a cute tie, did you make it? And if so, can I place an order? :)

Malea said...

I'd like to order another one of those cute kids, please. Samual is adorable with that sensible shaggy do.

Abbigail said...

He is really growing up. I guess I should cherish kittys outbursts as they may be fewer in a year? I love the photo with Santa.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the Elton John picture of samuel with his glasses singing his heart out. So cute.

Lindsay said...

Those pictures of Samuel and eva talking to Santa are precious. Your kids are just so cute. :)

Pete said...

Cute pictures of the kids. Laird and Lucy were terrified of Santa and wouldn't sit on his lap. Jeffrey did it but only grudgingly. He knew it was only one of Santa's helpers so he wasn't as enthusiastic as in year's past.

What's up with that kid with the mohawk?


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