Monday, January 4, 2010

christmas card 2009... out takes

Saturday morning the kids got to have "Breakfast with Santa."
It was a speedy affair and they just got to shake his hand (huh? Is that what we have come to?) but I snuck in a little photo, of course.
And Samuel helped clean up. We didn't even have to threaten or bribe him. So I took a picture.
Tried to get some photos for a Christmas card. Seems like the out takes are always my favorite.

Here is Eva sporting her In-N-Out hat. We'll call this the one hat two buns look.
Next, we have Eva putting forth a lot of effort.
Samuel and his hat, too.
He has been doing this middle pose a lot lately. Don't know where he got it.
The last one, it is actually a genetic thing. If you are Japanese, you can't help but pose like this for pictures. Just can't.
After the photo shoot, I was inside thawing out and the Eva made me go back out to see Samuel's snowman. "That was fast," I thought.
This was what he made.

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Dianne said...

Cute kids, cute snowman!

Lindsay said...

Love your pictures as always! Samuel's poses are hilarious and Eva looks so sweet...shoveling so hard and in her in'n'out hat.

Adri said...

Oh my... that snowman is hilarious!!!

Nicole said...

OK...Why didn't I think of that snowman idea when I was little? It takes a lot less effort, which I like. And it's fast, which I also like cause I hate being out in the cold!

Abbigail said...

Great snowman. I love Sam's poses too. They are both getting so big.

Anonymous said...

Classic Snowman! I like that. I love it when I don't have to threaten my kids to help! Way to go Samuel. The shovel looks a little big for Eva, but way to go. My kids could learn a lot from yours. I am bringing them in here right now to see all the hard work!

Grow Family said...

So cute! I love Samuel's creativity. I will have to remember to do that snowman with my kids so I won't have to be outside for so long.


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