Wednesday, December 16, 2009

hi, i'm christina...

...and I blog about food.

There are a few things that help me survive the road trip to Sun Valley:
-stopping at Jakes Over the Top somewhere in Nowhere Land (It's gone now, though :()
-books on tape
-knowing that a beautiful meal awaits me 

For whatever reason, when I think, "Idaho" I don't think beautiful food.  Nothing against Idaho  (Well, except the time when my family went to visit Idaho when I was a little girl and I slipped in the mud and fell and my entire side got coated with mud.  That and there was a mean girl that thought she was cool just because she had that lipgloss in the little tin with the slidey lid.  But other than that, I have nothing against Idaho).  
But that is all different now.  CK's Real Food changed my mind.  This really is real food. 
Oven roasted artichoke (my favorite), roasted local beet salad (my favorite), salad with snow crab and grapefruit (my favorite).  

Never mind that the waiter thought it was funny that we looked so haggard from the long drive.  I did a great job ordering at this place.  
Sometimes you live 25 minutes away from someone but you don't see them unless you go 5 hours away.  Then, you arrange to meet up with them.  Vacations are special like that.  
Karl's cousin, Michelle and her husband and daughter were up there at the same time.  So, we met up for breakfast.  That means we actually left the hotel before noon.  Minor miracle.  

Breakfast at the Kneadery.  Hearty, heavy, tasty, classic.  Pancakes (with, according to Megan, stale blueberries), waffles, bacon, eggs, and, for me, a cobb salad.  A really good cobb salad.  Yes, for breakfast.  I was happy, they were happy, my stomach was happy.  

I left my scarf there, they caught me on my way out the door and returned it to me.  Nice.
We hit the slopes.  Felt so early.  We said something like, "Whoa, it's so early."  Karl waxed the boards.  Made a huge difference.  I thought I was so funny when I took a picture of Karl by the "slow" sign. 
 I am getting older.  I am getting whimpier.  I liked riding the gondola instead of the lifts.  It meant a warmer ride up the mountain and an easier run.  Karl was getting bored so he rode fakey and kept spraying me with snow.  He did this by riding really close and then shooting the snow up at me with his board somehow.  It kept freaking me out because he would get so close.  The last time he did it (I say last because I wouldn't board in front of him after that), I caught an edge and totally ate it.  Good thing for helmets.  The fall made me even whimpier.  If that was even possible.  I want to take some lessons.  To de-whimpify me. 
So here is the amazing part of the day...lunch on the mountain.  The Roundhouse is amazing. So amazing that the owner guy that loves to eat there had a gondola built so he could get up there in his wheel chair.  
We loved every bite of this meal.  The salad, (descriptions straight from the menu) warm baby spinach salad with pan-sauteed chevre, caramelized walnuts, crisp bacon, olives and a balsamic vinaigrette.  Every bite had so much contrast with flavor and texture.  Some things I eat and I know I am going to crave them later.  This is definitely one of them.  We also had elk (elk!) and the best fondue we have ever ever (two evers) had.  We keep talking about the fondue, it was that good.  The fondue pot was a nice one so the cheese formed this crust on the bottom that we chiseled off and savored.  
And what is a meal in a mountain lodge without a jolly accordion player?

Since we had a mega-breakfast, and a late huge lunch, we just had a dessert that night.  We think it is funny when people say, "I'm not really hungry, I'll just have a (and then fill in the 700 calorie item of your choice)."  And that is what we did this night.
The Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight at Rico's is just that, a delight.  It's a hot, fresh baked cookie, topped with ice cream.  For whatever reason, it is so so so good.  I've tried to recreate it, but it is never this good.  
I was so tired while we were waiting for the Delight.  So tired that I kept falling asleep right there at the table.  Just propped my head up in my hand and snoozed.  That is what happens when you exert yourself only once a year.  Or maybe that is what happens when you whack your head on the ski hill.  I am sure Karl took a picture with his phone.  

So, we finish up the day in the in big, hot circle pool.  Sun Valley has kind of a small town feel, it is sweet.  So people talk to each other.   In the pool, a nice lady asks me if we were eating at Rico's earlier that night.  Turns out, they were, too.  Turns out while they were eating at Rico's the husband said to the wife, "Look, that lady is sleeping."  Faulty thought of the night:  Oh, I'll never see these people again so I will just fall asleep right here in the middle of the restaurant.  
they asked if we ate breakfast at the Kneadery.  Turns out, they were too.  Turns out, the Kneadery people first asked the husband if he left the scarf, and he said, "No, but it would look good on me."  It was pink and gray and ruffly.   It was mine. 

This was a perfect food day.  I love those days.  This was a great day all around.  Head bash, public nap, scarf mishap and all.


amelia and crew said...

Wow! That is beautiful food. Maybe someday our babies will grow up and we can travel and eat pretty food again...someday. Looks like a wonderful trip.

Lindsay said...

I love reading all your descriptions! you are an amazing writer. That food sounds so delicious...I am so hungry. I hope to make it to Sun Valley you think I could go even though I don't ski or snow board? :)
p.s. Cobb salad sounds like my kind of breakfast!

Abbigail said...

I am in for next year. I will take some lessons to dewimpify myself too. I was especially wimpy this year since I was carrying a baby in my belly. That accordian player would make the whole trip worth it for me. Ever since Venice, I am totally obsessed with awesome accordian players.

Malea said...

Instead of looking for ESL jobs, you should do restraurant reviews. Seriously. You would be great. And include all your fun little backstories. People would like that.

Emily said...

I love that you blog about food. Mmmm. . . I drool over your pictures.

Also, I have been needing a cute scarf. Thanks for reminding me.

love your stories as always!

Michelle said...

I'm late to the commenting party, but oh well. Thanks so much for meeting us for breakfast. It was delicious and we'd never been to that restaurant before. Glad you helped us discover it--it will definitely be on our agenda for next year. And you're welcome for getting you out of your room so early. :)

The accordian player is a Sun Valley fixture. His name is Tim. He has been playing the accordian at Trail Creek Cabin for as long as I've been involved with the carolers, and long before that, I'm sure. He is the nicest, nicest guy. So glad you got to hear him play. He's a kick. Let's coordinate our trip better next year so we can actually ski together, or better yet, hot tub. :)


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