Wednesday, December 2, 2009

keep feeling procrastination

I am sitting on my closet floor posting. I brought my computer into my closet so I could watch a little Hulu while I clean my closet. I have to play little games with myself to get myself to clean. Uh, I am losing this game. Because I needed to check some e-mail, and some blogs, and...
Now I must post this:
Dance sure has come a long way. But I haven't. Now I have a terrible urge to recreate this. How can you watch this and not want to?
So, we just need a few more people.
And a white, billowy, deep-v, blouse for Karl. I am sure those of you that know him could have already
guessed that he already has half of the moves memorized. He's doing them right now!
Who's in?

A later note: Ok, we just did the whole thing in his office. I think Karl is more cut out to be a dancer. So, the part of the male singer is open, and even more important, the chance to wear that fabulous shirt.
An even later note: Smart SIL pointed out that this is a recreation of Grease. Which, in my eyes, makes this even better. Something that I thought would be impossible.


Karl said...


Abbigail said...

I volunteer Ryan. You know that him and Karl make the best dancing team on earth. I vovlunteer to be in charge of the stage or the camera. I am not great at dancing unluck my husband who grew up with little girls dancing in his basement.

That is a really sweet video. I have a feeling that Debbie and Greg would like to be involved somehow. I will have to run it by them.

Michelle said...

Sooo funny! If I lived in Utah, I would totally do it with you guys.

Max was watching with me, and he said, "oooo, gross!" funny, huh?!

Heath'e' said...

That was awesome! Thanks for the laugh :)

Malea said...

Normally I'd tell you that that was 3 minutes and 43 seconds that I'll never get back. But since it'll take me about 3 more times to "perfect" the captivating emotion and aura behind this artistic video, it's more like 12 minutes and 58 seconds that I'll never get back.

pamela said...

ya, now my husband wants to recreate this. he wants to be the guy who gets to kind of grab his crotch.

Alyse said...

You people kill me. (Seriously laughed so hard I thought I would die watching that.)

Are these ideas you come up with when you are staying up too late at night?

Can't wait to see your version.


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