Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i love the library

Every once in a while, when I go into the library to pay my late fees and check out a few new books and DVD's, I notice cute activities posted for the kids.
This one was an "Iron Chef" with play dough.
Couldn't pass it up.
The kids got to hear a story, eat a treat, decorate an apron and make food out of play dough. All of this was (if you don't count all the money I pay in late fees) totally free. So much fun.
I should have snuck in a bunch of the kids' friends and called it a birthday party.

Samuel was hesitant at first but finally went in when his friend, Sara, showed up.
He really got into it, you can tell because his lips stick out like that when he is focusing.
He finished up pretty quickly and went and played.
Like the way his pants are held up? I had to roll them. These must have been made pre-adjustable waist time. He thinks it is funny to say, "My pants is too big!" and then jump up and down and his pants fall down.

Eva is very focused on her creating. Notice who is in the room with her. Oh, wait, nobody is. It is always like this.
I got a kick out of her apron. She chose some leaves, and a bird iron on and then sweet little Eva drew a skull and crossbones and a broken heart. Very Ed Hardy.
Eva's carrot blew me away. They reminded me of these little Japanese erasers that are in the shapes of food.
Samuel cracked me up with his. Pickles. Two different kinds, in fact.
Germaphobes beware. This is where the kids seem to end up while I am checking books out. Laying on the floor by the magazine. Usually they are looking at a book, this time they were checking out their "food." I have to admit, Samuel's bare stomach touching the floor kind of grosses me out. A small price to pay to be able to check out my books in peace.

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Adri said...

Wow... that looks like a lot of fun! I need to do that with my kids.

Malea said...

Very Ed Hardy indeed. She's too young, but it would have been funny to have her finish it up with the Love Kills Slowly crest.
As w/ Samual. Peace leads to more health and happiness than anything sometimes. Nothing a little antibacterial lotion couldn't fix later.

Abbigail said...

That looked like a lot of fun. I need to get to the library more, but I too end up owing them hundreds. I am always late returning them. I love Eva's apron, she has a dark streak in her like a true artist! ;) Kitty always calls the skull and crossbones pirates. Can't wait to see you soon!

Lindsay said...

Super fun idea, that is so cool your library did that. Eva seems like she takes exactly after you with her creativity and her talent. :) And your tid-bits about Samuel always make me laugh.

pamela said...

your kids are adorable. which library do you go to? my brother works at murray library and happily waives fees of friends:) maybe it's the library for you.


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