Tuesday, December 1, 2009

if anything, they make us laugh...

Samuel likes to go outside. Seems like he always leaves the door open when he does is. "To warm up the neighborhood," as my dad would say. I didn't understand what he was saying until I became a mom of kids who leave the door open (and freeze Karl because his office is right next to the mudroom).

Samuel and Eva like to scrape the ice on our back patio.
What made us laugh? His choice of shoes.
Karl and I like to play pinochle (actually, I LOVE it and he humors me) with my in-laws. While we were playing the kids were keeping themselves entertained. Samuel playing games on his grandma's phone and Eva watching a movie on mine.
What made us laugh? The positions in which she watched the movie.

Karl took the kids up to a football game. I projected my fear of being cold on them and dressed them extra warm. Snow pants, jackets, boots, scarves, hats, gloves...
What made me laugh? The way they laid on the floor while they waited for their dad. (Can you say, "A Christmas Story?")

Blankets are never left alone. Whoever said to decorate with pillows, didn't have my kids. They double as toys for these two. Found these two standing like this. Ready to trap Karl when he came out of the bathroom.
What made me laugh? The way that they were so giddy, truly believing that they were going to trick him.


Abbigail said...

hilarious. They are lucky to have each other. I love Eva watching the movie.

Malea said...

The blanket made me literally lol. Those two are too cute. C and K make 'em great!


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