Friday, August 7, 2009

summer, please don't end

Lesson learned:  if I wait several weeks to post your trip to Wheeler Farm, I will forget stuff like why the kids were looking down when I took this photo:
We packed lunches and headed to the farm.  The kids were excited to have their names on their lunches.  I love that they still get excited about simple things like that.
They had fun putting their flip flops in the stream and letting them float down.  
But then a lady came and told me that they couldn't do that.  Whoops.  
Whenever we go feed the ducks, Samuel asks if it is winter.  That is because those ducks are vicious during the winter.  I should post the photos sometime.
Samuel was throwing the bread over his shoulder.  And I tried not to get grossed out that some of that stale bread went into his mouth.
I gave in and bought them those dumb squishy-spiky-inflatable-bouncy things. Why do I do that?
I have never taken a tractor ride there.  It was pretty neat.  They went into the land behind the farm.  There is a ton of land and it is pretty.  You can even camp there.   
Really.  Summer, I don't want you to end.

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five-one-and-a-half said...

Whenever I take the kids to Wheeler Farm it is just too weird for me since we hung out there all the time growing up. My sister is STILL traumatized from the time she was chased by a geese when she was little. I still laugh thinking about that.

Malea said...

I've never even heard of it. It sounds great!

Abbigail said...

It is awesome that you bought those squishy ball things. I by stuff like that all the time for mine. Such little money for so much short term happiness. I can't help myself. Cute photos. I have never been there either.

Lindsay said...

I don't want the summer to end either, I love it. Even here in Vegas, I love it.
Looks like a very fun day at Wheeler farm, I haven't been there in years! I think everyone that's been there has a scary goose story to tell. :) I'm glad they weren't mean this time. I love your pictures!

IH-Texas said...

Your little ones are SO cute. Javan just asked if Samuel was him (Javan) when he was little. Hehe

Emily said...

I loved Wheeler Farm when I was a kid - I've been meaning to take my kids there. . . maybe next time we're in town.

stunning photography -
(never thought I'd say that about wheeler farm. . .)

Adri said...

Looks like so much fun. I haven't taken my kids there... honestly, I didn't think there was anything to do. I may have to take them now. I don't want summer to end either.

Kathryn said...

It is back to work for me on Monday. I really don't want summer to end either! I love this post. Thanks for blogging so I feel like I see these adorable grandchildren more often than I do. Grandma


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