Thursday, August 6, 2009

milkin' it

July seems to be one long celebration.  We like it.  
First, there was the Fourth of July, then there was the Youth Parade, next was the neighborhood party.
The neighborhood (or should I say the much less neighborhood behind us) had a barbecue.  To start it off they had a kids parade. The kids decorated their bikes and rode them around the block several times. 
Then, on the 24th, we walked over to the Butlerville Days parade.  
The kids are pros at getting people to throw candy at them.  Because they really need it.
Why does it look like that kid is about to attack Eva?

A truck came and sprayed everyone.  Luckily, Eva brought her umbrella and so I was protected.  Our friends Scott and Mo cracked me up.  He grabbed her and got the truck to totally drench her.  He also got drenched in the process.
The obligatory holiday barbecue.
grilled corn (always), zucchini, and onions
relish tray
fruit tray

The first time we had corn like this we were living in Texas.  Then I had it in Chicago.  Then again in New York.  I love it so much.  Roast it, butter it, mayo if you wish (we didn't this day), cotija cheese, chili powder and a squeeze of lime.  So good.
My parents, bother, and cute nephew joined us.
After we stuffed ourselves we walked over to Butlerville days.  We have been going for 4 years.  
The kids tried the rock climbing thing.  They both got up about 4 feet and were done.  Goodbye six bucks.  I thought Samuel would fly up, but I guess he doesn't like to climb over things that he is supposed to. 
There were a ton of bouncy slides and the lines were so long.  Of course, the kids are willing to endure anything for their chance on these things.  Cute nephew was not a fan.  One of them had a gorilla on it.  He kept saying, "scary monkey!"

They did the dunking booth and Samuel totally got the guy on the first shot.

It is also tradition to put out the glow in the dark bracelets when it gets dark.  Cute nephew danced so hard with them.  Eva made an entire outfit out of them.  I love that picture of her in her get-up.  

So, it looks like we have no problem milkin' this holiday.  We will celebrate as many times as we can.


Kathryn said...

You have had a great summer. The BBQ looked tasty. I love all the amazing food you post on your blog!

Adri said...

I love summer!!!

Abbigail said...

I wish I could participate in that BBQ, yummy!!!!! I lobe your relish trays. I never make those.

Lindsay said...

You guys are really good celebraters...I can tell. Your kids are so lucky! And that bbq looks amazing...
p.s. That part about Samuel not climbing things that he's supposed to made me laugh. :)

Malea said...

Obligatory bbq indeed! Looks so good. I'm trying your corn idea tommorrow. I can't wait for tommorrow. For real


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