Tuesday, August 4, 2009

from butterflies to bouncy slides

A while back, Samuel and Eva walked in the Days of '47 Youth Parade.  
They carried big tissue paper butterflies on a stick. 
This photo is just so Samuel.  Using his butterfly as a weapon...
We were lucky to spot them among the many many kids in the parade.  They were supposed to wear white shirts.  Samuel had a multi pack of t-shirts so he was good to go.  Since they didn't ask for used-to-be-white-but-now-white-with-splotches-on-it shirts, I had to get creative with Eva's.  I took one of Sam's t-shirts, cut the neck off, and stuck elastic in the sleeves.  Just girly enough for Eva (okay, and me.  She probably wouldn't have cared that she was wearing a boy shirt).
My favorite photo of the day.  You can see her smile.  And the cute flower and headband that I made for her.
They were rewarded for their efforts with a popsicle and a huge family fair.
First on the list, bouncy slides.  It was so stinkin' hot but these kids were willing to endure the sun for their turn on the slide.
Home Depot had a set up with a ton of employees helping kids build stuff.  Eva chose a bird house and Samuel chose a helicopter.
Samuel loved his helicopter.  It lasted until about an hour after we got home.  Broken.

While Samuel was off being Samuel... on the bouncy slides, getting sprayed by the fire hose, and totally dirty, Eva was off being Eva. 

She got her face painted (she loves that), made a crown, a necklace, and got her nails painted all sparkly.  Lucky her, right?  And it was all free.  Lucky me, right?

(and why is this underlined and how do I make it stop?)
They played some games with this guy.  He was so nice and patient with them.

I had never even heard of this parade.  But now I am sure none of us will ever forget.


Angela said...

Why were did they get to walk in the parade? With your stake? That is so fun for them. And I must say you are so creative and crafty fixing Eva's shirt to be all girly. I need to be more like you. :)

Dianne and Sean said...
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Dianne and Sean said...

Looks like a super fun day. That picture of Samuel using his butterfly as a weapon cracked me up and I love Eva's face paint. So pretty.

Lindsay said...

I agree, Eva looks so pretty with her girly shirt, super cute headband, and fun face paint.:) I love the pictures!

Abbigail said...

That looks like great fun! I had never heard of that parade either. The kids look great and those activities are awesome. Nothing better than a little face paint.

Malea said...

Your genius continues in it's pure form of awesomeness...bow's and boy turned girl t-shirts. So typical you. So not me.

destiny said...

I just found out how to make those kind of flowers! That's a cute idea for the headband, I may have to copy! You are so stinkin creative it's not fair!

Heath'e' said...

What fun! Eva must have been in little girl heaven. So I would love to learn how to make that adorable flower headband. Will you share your secret with me?!

Kathryn said...

Way cute photos! They look like they had a great time. We watched for them on TV, but couldn't ever find them. Too many kids and too many butterflies obstucting a view of them. The Home Depot activity looked like fun.

Jensen family said...

So cute. What a great idea with the t-shirt. If I ever have a girl I will really need your help! What a fun day. I should have put Luke in the parade, but who knows he'd probably get scared of all the people. :) What fun kids you have!

Paula Oliveira said...

Your pictures are AMAZING.Good Job !!!


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