Sunday, August 16, 2009

been taking pictures

Have been feeling creative lately. Baking, sewing, decorating, and taking a bunch of pictures. I would do these things all night if I could. Okay, okay, sometimes I do. I want more hours in the (kids are asleep, I can get some stuff done) day so I can keep up with all of the stuff I want to do and blog about it.

Took another photo class. This was a "field trip" where we brought our kids (and couldn't listen to any instruction because kids were climbing on me) and learned how to take pictures of them. To be honest, I don't feel like I got my money's worth for the class. On the positive side, I did get a few favorite shots.

I decked my kids out all Utah-chic for this one. If you live here or have visited, you know what I am talking about.
This candid shot is my favorite. Probably because it pretty much sums up my kids.
See this smile? It says, "I will do whatever it takes to get presents." I had two presents waiting in the car and Samuel asked if he could have them after every shot. That kid and presents I tell you.


Karl took the kids up to Bear Lake and his family's cabin for a night.
While they were up having a blast, I had a little "retreat" down here with friends.
Since we have been friends for so long, it is so relaxing to be with them. I love it so much.
In the morning, we had an impromptu photo shoot. You know, just to capture this time in our lives...
We were in the store the other day and a stranger stops my friend and says, "Your belly is just perfect." She's right.
I got to use Courtney's camera. It was light, it was fast, it was fun, and yes, I want one really bad. Someday...

This one ended up being my favorite of little Stephen. So simple. So sweet.


Kathryn said...

Sorry, I accidently removed my comments. I tried to edit it after I posted it. You can't do that. It just deleted it. What I said was that you have some amazing photos. You could be a professional photographer. I guess it doesn't hurt to have such beautiful children to capture through with camera. I love this post.

marilynl said...

Christina! First of all, I have to remind myself that I am not your childrens' grandma, because they are sooooooooooo cute that they must be. Second of all, even if you didn't learn anything at your class, you are doing pretty good anyway. I absolutely think that you could do this for a living. So there!

Liz O. said...

Amen to the other comments! Christina, I wish you would teach ME what you know--you could start your OWN little class . . . just think on that one for an idea!

Abbigail said...

Cute photos darling. I don't know the Utah chic look. I like evas leg warmers, but u know I have always been a sucker for those. Good work on taking another class that is awesome. Miss you all

Michelle said...

Never heard of the utah chic look, but those kids of yours look so stinkin' cute like they jumped straight out of a catalog for cute kids. I'll take one Samuel and two Evas please. :)

Also, I totally get the crafty thing. I wish so bad I didn't need sleep, so I could do all the fun cute stuff I want to do.

pamela said...

your daughters dress is so cute in those photos!

Lindsay said...

These photos are amazing. I love, love, love how you dress Eva and Samuel. :)


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