Tuesday, August 18, 2009

been baking

It all started with a cake walk at the Primary party. I decided it would be fun to make a last minute run to the store for eggs and frosting and make a total disaster of my kitchen to make some hamburger cupcakes. I have seen them a couple of friends' blogs and they looked like a lot of fun. Bakerella makes the cutest stuff and she gives great tutorials. She has some serious cutesy baking skills. I have tried her cake pops and I totally failed. I was also grossed out by the ingredients. Her instructions for the hamburger cupcakes are here.

Eva loved piping out the "lettuce, ketchup and mustard."
Okay, so the cake walk wasn't what I expected. We got there and all the stuff was from the store. Not only that, but I learned that little kids don't care if the cupcakes look like little hamburgers. They like the ones with neon frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

But I was not going to be defeated.
The next week I needed to come up with a dessert for our weekly play date with Mo and Sara. I wanted to try again. This time with fries.

Funny story:
Totally lame, but I started this endeavor eggless once again. Called my neighbor and they were eggless also. Loaded the kids and their friends up. Took the friends home and headed to the store. I hate taking the kids to the grocery store (and that feeling was cemented as Samuel gagged on some gross gum and threw up in the cereal aisle). Walked into the store and guess who I ran into? My neighbor. Yep, buying eggs. We laughed. Her husband even called her while she was at the store and told her to call me to let me know they would have eggs. She told him not to worry about it.

For these cupcakes I used brownie cookies instead of brownies for the "patty" and I thought they looked super realistic. For the first set, for the "patty," I stooped lower than Betty Crocker, I went Little Debbie. I was in a hurry (like always) and needed a short cut. Gross, I know.
I had fun packaging them up and giving them away. No, really, that kind of stuff is fun for me. It was also fun for me to watch my friend eat hers like a real burger. You know, with both hands. Then with burger in one hand and fry in the other. We laughed.

They turned out so cute. Maybe cuter than they were tasty. And to be honest, after this project, the smell of canned frosting totally grosses me out. Maybe I would like these better if I had time to make all the stuff from scratch with less gross ingredients. But, I think I will let that one remain a mystery.

So much baking and sugary stuff that when I was walking out the door I said, "Karl there is some miso soup in the fridge."
He responded, "Is it made out of sugar?"

And I feel like I have given these silly cupcakes way more blog attention than they deserve. Just so you know.


Adri said...

So cute!!! I think I like your idea on the brownie cookie instead. The big brownie seemed a bit much for me but the kids didn't care!

Lindsay said...

The cupcakes and cookies are totally cute. I've seen the hamburger cupcakes before, but have never seen the cookie fries. I bet they were so fun to eat. :)

Malea said...

I know what you mean by store bought frosting. Blech! But it's just so much easier. I think that is such a great idea. I need to try out the cookie fries. I try to do something every year for April Fool's day, I think this idea wins.

Abbigail said...

Cool. I love the packaging. Kitty and I just made a hamburger out of playdoh.
I want you to post how to make miso soup. I have been craving it lately and don't know how to make it.
I like store bought frosting probably because I am a wreck at making my own.

Dianne and Sean said...

I love the hamburger cupcakes and cookie fries! Bakerella is my hero. We love cake pops, even though last time we made them Davis didn't chill/freeze them before he dipped them in the chocolate and they were a huge disaster. They looked terrible but tasted good anyway.

Alyse said...

Super cute. I saw those on some blog too and thought about trying it out. You are way better at actually following through and doing it. You are so lucky to have such a cute (and talented!) little helper.

Karl said...

Dianne, I saw Davis' facebook post about the cake pops. Now I understand what he was talking about...


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