Wednesday, August 19, 2009

been hosting

Many years ago, this Utah girl found herself in the big city of Chicago. My first year teaching and I decide to take on a class in the Chicago Public Schools. 33 students, 23 of them boys. I am telling you, it was loud and it was hard. No recess, no playground, 20 minutes for lunch, and a big-city-used-to-be-a-cop-and-proud-of-it boss, and, well, it was quite the reality check for this thought-teaching-was-supposed-to-be-like-a-fairytale-because-she-went-to-USU girl.
One of the reasons I was able to get through it was my mentor teacher, Elisa. She lent me supplies when I showed up with almost nothing. She handed me the box of tissues when I showed up in her classroom crying. She helped me get through it and eventually succeed. I am so grateful. Oh, and she also taught me how to make the tastiest Mexican rice ever.
Elisa recently came to visit. I was so excited.

We took her up to Moss Ledge for a picnic dinner and s'mores.
The kids had so much fun climbing and finding sticks and rocks (seriously, remind me why we keep going to Chuck-E-Cheese). Eva found the cutest rocks in perfect shapes. A heart, a diamond, a square, a trapezoid, a pentagon...
This is what Eva looks like when she finds out that Samuel threw her rocks into the stream. That kid is so fast. None of us saw him do it.

Elisa and I have a lot interests in common. She loves to scrapbook. Can you believe it? I go all the way to Chicago and I find a scrapbooker. So, in the short time she was here, I showed her "my Utah."

Zumba class
Creme Brulee French Toast
Hip and Humble
Koo de Ker
Lunch at Mezza
Heartland Paper Co.
the Quilted Bear
Dinner at Tin Angel
Elaines Quilt Block
Pho Green Papaya

Just a few of my favorite places to go. We both had a great time.
I decided I love having visitors. Family? Friends? My guest room is open!


Abbigail said...

That is so great that Elisa came to visit. HOw long was she there for? You didn't even mention it when we were on the phone yesterday. She is so awesome.

I haven't been to some of those places you took her.
I want to see your Utah sometime.

Malea said...

Wow, I didn't know your first teaching gig was in a public in Chicago. That is hard core! How so very fun. Next day trip I get up there, I'd actually like to take a peek of your Utah. The only place I've been on the list is Zumba. Which is what I actually have to get ready to do right now. Seriously, if you have a day trip down here, I'll show you my Zumba. It's taught by a family of polynesian dancers, and has an average of 150 attendee's per class. Great post, awesome friend you both are!

Abbigail said...

Okay, what is zumba?
Second, is she the teacher that drove you to the hospital when you about gave birth to Eva in the classroom?
That is all.

Adri said...

Where do you take Zumba class at? Elisa sounds like a great friend. I bet it was nice to see her again.


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