Wednesday, August 26, 2009

been enjoying summer

reason #651 that I don't want summer to end: winter is too cold
reason #652: we all like to sleep in
reason #653: I'm not done blogging about it

It's not so much that I don't want school to start, it's more that I don't want summer to end.

You see, if summer ends, then you can't slide in a tube down a giant Pepsi and Beef n Cheddar sandwich.
Best friend lives in a cute (non ghetto) neighborhood that does cute things like post cute sayings on their walls on wood blocks and lend each other maternity clothes. I love that kind of stuff.

Here is something else they did that I love. They get giant signs and put them on a giant hill. Like the biggest fattest giantest slip and slide you have ever seen.

And they let us join. Nice, huh?
Another friend lives in another nice neighborhood. This one has cute new houses all with cute front porches. They even have a beach.

We all met there and the kids loved it so much. They played and played and played. And got sun burnt (or burned? Whatever the case I felt so bad! Samuel kept saying he had an "owie" after that. He meant his entire back).
My friends have cute kids.
And I love Eva.
Boys do things like make little pies and line them up. Just to smash them. Girls don't do that, do they? See Samuel's hand up in air like that? He does that a lot. Like it helps him balance or something. Cracks me up.

And how about the kids being completely sacked out on the floor because they played so hard at the beach? Winter doesn't offer that, now does it?
So I was looking at his sunken stomach. Yes, we feed him. That kid eats. Problem is, he moves. He moves a lot.
And these faces, all sweet and asleep like that. Well, that is why we keep 'em.

P.S. Please don't do the math to figure out when I post. I love nights. Nights are my favorite. I am kind of ashamed. But not enough to go to bed.
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Malea said...

I am trying to understand the slip and slide. What exactly do they use, 'cause I want to copy it asap. That looks like so much fun! And where is this beach? Northern Utah never looked this fun before blogging. Now I want to start planning my trips there, instead of like, Hawaii.

Karl said...

Slip and slide looked like so much fun. I was jealous when you did that.

amelia and crew said...

Sorry. I won't do that again. When we make time to do stuff is all relative. I don't judge

Adri said...

Soooo cute! I hate it every year when summer comes to an end. It's dark early and cold all day.... not fun!

Lindsay said...

I am totally wondering where that beach is too! That sand looked awesome. Nice and fluffy.
I really love your pictures. The sleeping kids are especially sweet.

Michelle said...

Thanks for all your comments. You make me feel loved and special.

Samuel's hand up in the air is soooo funny. That's awesome you captured it in a picture.

I love summer too. It's so fun. That slide down the hill looks so fun!

pamela said...

that huge slip n slide is genius.

Abbigail said...

Christina. That looks amazing! I think that we are all dying to know more about the giant sandwich slip n slide and where is that beach? The photos of the kids asleep on the floor is adorable. I stay up so I can go look at kitty asleep. Miss you

Courtney said...

Benefit #18,324 of being your friend: When I am lame at blogging, you are not, and we do a lot of fun stuff together that you remember to document.
I love being your friend. You inspire me. It makes me more grateful all the fun things we have done this summer.

Christina said...

The slide is two giant signs. I think they called the sign company and asked for two old signs. The company charges like $20 or something for the huge signs. I guess they are heavy.

THe sprinkler looked like something someone made from a PVC pipe. A long pipe, with holes to evenly distribute the water.

The park neighbor let them use his hose and (free) water for a fee (for reals).

I think that is all I know about it. That and it looked fun enough for me to try with all my clothes on.

Christina said...

Oh, and the beach is out at Daybreak. Anyone can use it but they don't have any public bathrooms. Gross.

Amy said...

Another summer of our children's lives gone. Sigh. I'm with you -- favorite time of year! I love the pictures of them sleeping after a day at the beach. These are the days!!!


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